Sunday, March 20, 2011

3.20.2011 Killer Canaries, Gypsy's, a big freakin MOON, and Radiation

Hey zombie fighters out there. Ive got a few things I wanted to touch on before I hit the hay. 1st off, did you see the moon? The size is unbelievable, at least it is from my roof top. The closeness to earth is what the Gypsy's said will cause all the earthquakes in the gulf and in California. I hope that their info is wrong. Because if its not, we're all in for a crappy few months to come. So double check on all your supplies.

Next on the list is the mysterious Canary colored men that shot up those Gypsy door knockers at my house the other day. I sniffed around some well hid resources and they told me that they are a sister company to the ASMZ. The new clean up crew basically. Their job is to get rid of the people that will expose the ASMZ for what they are. So that paints a big fat red target on my family. But ill just watch my back. There's no way I'm backing down after all this... no way.

And the last thing to talk about is the radiation that is now washing up on the coast of California. "There is no risk". At least that's what all the media and governments are saying. There doesn't seem to be -an immediate risk... no- but what they are not mentioning is some of the elements inside the radiation mixes with the particular type of high pollution that a place like California offers... causes an infection called NECROTIZING FASCIITIS. A stupid word we used instead of saying... flesh eating bacteria. New ideas about the tsunami are coming in that seem somewhat startling. I cant rely solely on who gave me the Intel... but it is intriguing.  Several miles off the coast of Japan, and just before the flood; Two submarines (one Russian, and one American) were lost off the radar somehow. They still haven't been recovered and three different governments at this moment are searching for them. What the hubbub? Both submarines were Nuclear Carriers with 4 nuclear warhead missiles on each Sub. Could this have detonated on or above the known fault line that is said to have caused the earthquake/tsunami?  Again, this Intel is sketchy at most but I will be digging like I always do.

Today, just so you know, was an accomplishment for me. I talked city management into using their Waste Management teams to gather zombies instead of relying on the ASMZ to do everything. They armored over half their fleet of dump trucks and are now able to pick up zombies with their hydraulic lifts and scooping them dead, severed, limbless, headless, what ever the case may be... into the back where they go to a burning landfill just outside Houston.

See, we don't need some government funded group to make all our decisions for us. We just have to use our voices to rise above the groans of the zombies! FIGHT!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the week to join the website EDDIEROTTEN.COM (shameless plug) So to get your recognition you deserve and become an authorized zombie fighter please join the site and tell your friends too. Zombies don't kill themselves... well... they do sometimes but we have to kill them too!

Talk to you soon. Stay safe. Stay ALIVE!

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