Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3.16.2011 What a jacked up way to wake up...

I'm in bed. Covers up over my head. I have learned how to tune out the sirens and helicopters that are paying attention to the zombies. I get a knock at my door. The most irritating kind too, because I initially didn't get up, hoping they would go away. Then came the door bell. I'm pissed at myself now cause I was going to take my doorbell out a few weeks ago but got lazy... You know how I roll..
I look thru the peephole and see two people in their 40's. What the he'll could they want? I could also see two zombs slowly making their way down the road in the back ground. Too far to care about even by the two strangers outside my door. They were asking questions about barking dogs in the neighborhood. It was a woman/man combo. While the lady asked me questions, my trained eye noticed the man looking into my house and mentally taking inventory. I knew something was up, just not sure who they were working for. I had some questions of my own.
Just as I was about to unleash and begin my accusations, a white van pulled into my driveway, then door slid open and out came two men, dressed in yellow jumpsuits carrying ak's. The woman immediately looked concerned. They took quick aim and shot two single shots at the solicitors while they walked towards my door. I closed and locked the door and watched the rest of the events transpire through the peephole.
The men in the yellow jumpsuits began dragging the two lifeless bodies back to the van where the driver was ready for them. Remember those zombies down the street? Well they had made their way to my front lawn now under the radar of these new yellow assassins. The driver started screaming hurry up but it was too late. Both men in yellow had their back sides ripped off and were eaten alive on the parking lot of my front yard.
Before you know it... All four of the dead people were rising again to be the zombies they became. The driver of the white van backed out and slid on the bodies all the way out of the neighborhood.
As soon as the zombies cleared from my property, I went out to spray my driveway off, I found a peculiar piece of paper that must have fell from one of the solicitors hands during their demise. It said,"Houston Gypsy Group". Were those two people sent here from their leader to scope out my place after that revealing interview the other night? Too bad I couldn't talk to them longer... They were pretty mosey though. Sux cause it took a long ass time to spray them off my driveway.
The real question here is, who the crap were those canary dressed goons?

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