Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3.15.2011 I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

Have you ever wondered whAt it would be like if morons weren't in charge of our schools and government? Yea.. Me too. So as you know they are taking funds out of our schools again. The arts are going kaput. Which means we are going to graduate mindless robots instead of inventive, intuitive human beings. And we all know who's calling the shots.. Here's the deal. If children aren't allowed to use their imagination, then They won't be able to fend off the crap that the government gives them. Like... The seemingly always hungry zombies and the super duper annoying ASMZ. Well, long story short, book smart kids aren't going to save the world from flesh eating zombies. We really need to up the requirements of the youth by giving them more music and art programs. Some of these art programs have launched child prodigies like the kid from Louisiana who made the first ever zombie killer machine. A machine designed to kill large numbers of zombies by gathering zombies into a 15x15 pin by blasting audio from it's center. When the pin is full the gate is closed by remote. Zombies will either eat themselves to the floor or die by a quick zip cord that is snapped across the upper rim of the pin. Those kind of awesome inventions don't create themselves people. Taking funding from schools will cripple this nation in more than one way. But... That's probably the agenda anyway.... Isn't it big brother?

Anyway, on with your day, or night where ever you be. And if your in the Houston area, don't drive down NASA rd1 for a few more hours. There was a live band that was playing at one of those hole in the wall bars that will never get big enough to be relevant. Apparently they didn't have good enough security and were attacked by some zombs. Being right next to NASA you would think that the ASMZ would come out and save the day. Not this time. Bodies were drawn out all over and into the street. Most if not all the zombies walked away before help came. I drove by during the clean up. I shouldn't have had that food so late/early in the day. I puked in my mouth a little bit.

So with that, have an awesome breakfast...teehee.. Seriously though. Have a great day. We have lots to be thAnkful for. So don't pass up the opportunity to bash a few zombies brains out on our way to the car. Make my job that much easier..

Keep in touch cuz I'm airing the Gypsy Interview soon. Hopefully this week. I'm having a hard time convincing them that it will benefit their cause if more people know about them.

Now I'm just rambling. Going to bed now.zzzzzzzzzz

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