Monday, March 14, 2011

3.14.2011 Welcome to Day Light Savings... with zombies!

   There is a difference in the air on a monday like this one. The time is defferent. Thats right. Day light savings is in full effect and most of America and others... are still rubbing their eyes and drinking coffee well into the latter part of the day. So, I dont want to run on about things but I did want to cover a few topics really quickly.
   We'll start with the nuclear power plant in Japan. Officials are downplaying the radiation risk (as we knew they would). When something of that size and mass explodes, and it has a risk of spewing radiation all over creation.. its probably going to happen. U.S. Navy ships were pulled off the shore just in case... just in case? Here's what they're 'not going' to report. When those reactors exploded.. Thousands of zombies that were already infecting the area were launched everywhere. When they landed, they got back to their feet, if they had any left.. and started attacking everything in their path. But this time, with radiated teeth. Not good. These zombies were really crazy. They were moving just a bit faster and much much stronger. The best thing about this scenario, is the resilient people of Japan. The tsunami was believed to wash away everything in its path, and for the most part.. it did and most of the zombies were washed out to sea. The strong people of Japan pulled together and immediately started rebuilding despite all the loss and the continuing battle against radiation infected zombies. So bravo for the people of Japan.. We can all learn from your strength and sense of family.

   The rest of the news is well.. for a lack of a better word. Retarded. Its covering things like "Whats the best car to drive and what movies sucked on their opening night". Nothing worth covering really.

I will be staying up to date with Japan though. We have several zombie fighters in the area and more are making themselves known each day. My map here at home is lighting up like a Christmas tree from all the new fighters coming out and making themselves known, so keep it up.

Finally.. last night I was flipping through an old AM radio that I had up in the attic. I mostly came across static and Mexican music. But one station came in clear just for a second and then faded away. It was some dude talking about a resistance and something else but I couldnt quite make it out.  What really caught my attention were two words we all know well by now. Between the static and fuzz I made out -Gypsy resistance- and -ASMZ-. Now... who it is or what side they were speaking for I dont know.. but I do know i'll be tuning in to this station more frequently to see if I can get a better reading on this.I'll report back to you when I have more solid info.

Its early though and as the sun rises.. I can hear the ambulance drivers and the peoples screams outside.  AAAHH the sounds of an eternal zombie apocalypse. I'm still amazed on how people still have the paper thrown to their house.?.?  Its got to be the number one way to be attacked by zombies in the morning.. So get your coffee on and polish that shot gun. No one respects a dirty weapon.
 Be cool and take care.
Till later
Eddie Rotten

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