Sunday, March 13, 2011


I just had an interview with one of the GYPSIES. You wouldn't believe it but he was pretty cool. I think they get a bad wrap because of the happy face bags they put on the zombies faces. He says its easier to distract them before taking all the money and what-nots out of their pockets. He even told me they looted one zombies rib cavity... Said there was a gold watch in his stomach..? Anyway. Your not going to believe this interview. Its very telling on what they believe the ASMZ is doing and even their take on how these zombies came to be. And let me tell you something.. If you are looking for a profitable job, zombie gypsies make cash!!! This guy told me in one day, in a once prominent neighborhood, they made over $5000 in just pocket change from these corporate execs turned zombies. The controversy lies in why they let the zombies go after painting smiley faces on bags and putting them over their heads. Its all in the interview. I'll have some here on the blog... the rest is an actual audio recording. YOUR NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS THIS!!!
The interview airs in a few days so tell your friends to log on or get the app or something so they don't miss this ground-breaking event. Definitely will be the talk around the water cooler.
     MEANWHILE.. I went to my brother in laws 40th birthday party tonight. There were surprisingly a CRAP-LOAD of old ass people there. There was a live band (they were actually pretty good), and hot dogs and hamburgers. The bright side of the night was that all but one couple made it to their car with out being attacked. The unlucky couple were probably in their 70s or more. This cute little old lady with her walker and her son... who was probably in his mid 50's.. and the husband, a rancid old bag with a mean streak that ran all thru his body. I wasn't surprised when he got attacked. The old lady made it into the car with the help of her son, but the old fart husband was busy yelling at his wife and trying to pull the purse from her hands for some reason. This lady had a death grip on that thing!!! Well. Long story short, a zombie was slowly making his way up behind the husband, the son and wife knew it..(they had to have) and said nothing. She held on to that purse just long enough. Me and my wife talked on the way home.. "Do you think she held on to that purse so her husband would get chomped on?" I think so.... Otherwise, the son wouldnt have ran over the old man after waiting for him to turn.. Karma comes back around people. In this case, it was in the form of an old fart zombie.
Till later, keep in touch, find a cure, and lock your doors!

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