Friday, March 11, 2011

3.11.2011 RESPECT the ZOMBIE

There are reports coming in that the zombies in 'our' area are becoming more...violent. But you have to be a REAL moron to even be caught by these things. I can understand if your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and your windows wont roll up, but c'mon. They dont run...unless you are pulling them behind your car (like my son and his friends do). They cant cuss you out and provoke you to be mad at them.. Whats the deal? Why are all these people being attacked by ZOMBIES?!? People that get close enough to zombies and actually get attacked are destined to become a zombie themselves. You have to respect the zombie. Not each individual zombie.. but the zombie entity. Zombie is a way of life. DUH! If you are attacked in a drive through because your window or door is open.. its your fault. If you are attacked inside your own house because you left the door open.. its your fault. If you have a family that is perfectly capable of destroying zombies with skill and ability.. but for some odd reason they dont know how???? ITS YOUR FAULT! Seriously, Im sick and tired of seeing neighbors running down the road screaming with one less arm. And seeing zombies walk into the grocery store like they needs some eggs or something. Look out for the living. Please. We have each other to help each other. We all know if we get cornered by 100 zombies, we have to rely on each other for help right? Now dust off your stomping boots and do your sit ups. There's still zombies to kill tomorrow! Hell, just walk outside and listen to the night. The zombies tell us where they are, and vise-versa. So be careful out there and take heed.
There is news on the ASMZ coming up soon so please stay tuned to the blog. the AMERICAN SCIENCE MILITARY for ZOMBIES is being covered and exposed by the GYPSIES. It should be a good interview. Im working on some audio as we speak.
Watch your back and DEFEND YOUR BRAIN.
Thank you all for your hard work. EDDIE ROTTEN

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