Thursday, March 10, 2011

3.10.2011 BLACK DEATH

With Obamacare and the Tea Party headlining the news, Zombies have again taken a Backdoor on national importance.
They are definitely gaining ground though. There is speculation that the NASA program and the ASMZ are working together (again) to manufacture a bee pollen virus. Believe it or not we depend greatly on them. Its Down 88% than ever before... the red haze that looms over our skies sometimes is believed to be the cause of the drop in bee pollen...among other things. Of course they both deny all accusations,  but there is an independent group that has been exposing secrets about the zombies and their origins.  I mentioned them before.. its the GYPSIES.  They are publishing a small paper that explains alot of the odd 'happenings' here locally and are supposed to be working with other ZFC's (zombie fighters chapters) around the country to bring us more underground news. The farmers are suffering because of he red haze, and the whole chain of our health seems to be suffering because of the sudden drop in bees. So keep your eye on the sky and report any red haze days in the comments section when you get a chance. In the mean time.. I don't know if you saw the zombie birds picture I posted earlier, but my friend called a while ago and told me why he didn't make it in to work. His yard is completely covered in black birds. He opened his door to leave and his cat ran out to attack the birds on the ground....but that plan backfired!  He said his cat started jumping up into the air to get away, then it looked like a black ball of feather was jumping into the air. Finally, his cat changed and looked directly at the door and charged towards it to eat him. He said he barely closed it in time and his cat was still trying to get in. I've never seen a zombie cat but he said it was pretty brutal. He said by the time the cat stopped jumping, its ears were gone and most of the skin from its face and legs area was gone too. Nasty. He also mentioned a speed in zomby agility he hadn't seen before. Gonna have to keep my eyes out for charging zombie cats...and figure out why they can move faster than other zombed animals.  Well, my breaks almost over and ZOMBIE WIPEOUT just ended. (That show is freaking hilarious! !) Back to work. Remember to keep an eye out for red skies and those black death birds. They can turn a bad day worse. Later...

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