Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zombie ART

This is the original artwork our own ZOMBIE FIGHTER ★DIRTY PETE★ won during the EDDIEROTTEN.COM random prize giveaway.  Become a member and enter to win our next random prize giveaway!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3.29.2011 Obama made deals with zombie farming terrorists?

    I can't confirm or deny the claims of the Gypsy Group, as they are becoming more political.  But sources say that the new war were involved with in Libya is not just a humanitarian move by our own president, but a cover up for oil and information from the REBELS Who are known for their Zombie  trading and farming.  The fear is if we help Libya for these reasons, who's next? And how soon will other countries demand the same response to prevent such a form of genocide. The REBELS have their hands deep into the craft of zombie farming, and are proud of it. This is of course illegal here in the states, but in Libya .... well, our rules don't apply. Their zombies are let loose in communities, they corner Muammar Qaddafis men and finish them off the old fashioned way. Zombie massacre.
My sources tell me that these REBELS are actually terrorists themselves. That a deal has been made with Obama to let them farm zombies right here at home in trade to help them win their fight with Qaddafi.

Sounds pretty far fetched to me, but so did zombies until they started dragging ass down our streets. 

All I'm saying is this whole thing sounds fishy. And if were not careful, we might have a few Zombie farms in our back yards to some day be used against us.

Their population control tactics are getting more inventive also. They aren't relying on zombies alone any more. Like the new commercials about, how you will probably die if your over weight and have sex. That you will most likely have a heart Attack.  Please. Fat people have been sexin' it up for years. I should know.  Watch out for the subliminal tones out there. These NEW WORLD ORDER people seem to mean business. And they have the money to campaign their message.

The Gypsy Group thinks also that genetics will ultimately modify the already seriously dangerous zombies.

They called the future of zombie modification: RUNNERS.  I don't even want to think about it.

Off to bed. Peace.

Monday, March 28, 2011

3... ah screw it.. I dont know what day it is.

    Its been a good weekend. There was some action next door last night. I was outside carefully watching while me and my son washed the jeep. It was way overdue. Zombie gunk was still on the spikes I installed 3 months ago. Lazy I guess. I heard the next door neighbors fighting in their back yard. Never a good thing. The more noise, the more zombies. This 'is' one thing that carries over true from the zombie movies. If you make your self known, they will come. I give credit to zombies for several thousands of quiet neighborhoods across America.

    Anyway, after a few harsh words, a trash bag flew over the fence and landed in their side yard. Me and my son looked at each other. My son pressed his index finger over his lips and pointed behind me. A zombie had made its way over because of the noise. We quietly shuffled to the far side of the jeep, leaving the water hose running all over the drive way. The zombie dragged both feet one by one towards the fence where the noise was coming from. I looked down and my son raised his shirt to reveal a Desert Eagle tightly packed inside his belt. I low-browed him and turned my palms up in wonder where he got it from. He again placed his finger over his lips, and pointed in another direction.

    10 or 20 zombies were coming from behind a new building that was just constructed across the street. Sunday is the day of rest, literally in this neighborhood. There are usually kids of all ages running out like the ice cream truck just pulled up, to take care of zombies. Or tie them up to the car for a quick game of Zombie Go, but not this time. Me and my son were alone. We heard the argument escalating from across the fence as the mom, or some lady said, "Just go then!" At that... a man in his 20's started shouting back, doors slammed, glass breaks, and out he came to the front yard, were he met a hand full (if not more) of very hungry zombies. A cigarette was half lit when it fell out of his mouth.

    From experience, I have learned to pick my battles. But my son, with no fear and an obvious life to save had other plans. He got up with out question and ran from our position. He was across the yard just as my neighbor was about to be ripped to shreds. I got up quickly and pounded 2 good, loud bangs on my front door and went to help out. By the time I crossed my driveway the neighbor was back on his feet, un-bitten and making his way back inside his house. His wife was apologizing and dragging him in with all her might. I looked at the mass of zombies that were making their way towards my son and myself. There were already 4 or 5 laying 'completely' lifeless on the grass and my son was skillfully dismantling them as they came to him. He had his gun turned backwards as he was pistol whipping them to avoid the loud crack that a Desert Eagle makes. I was weapon less.  Forced to use my hands and feet. I prefer my feet. I don't like to get zombies on my hands if I can help it. Call me a wussy.
I kicked the knees out as they lunged for me and spun around with an elbow to the back of the neck to end it. It is pretty efficient but 30 zombies is hard for 2 people to take down regardless of your method or skill level. I was actually grabbed by one and felt the sheer strength of the living dead. Its been awhile. Probably since I was attacked inside Zombie Burger a while back. But the feeling is unforgettable.  To be held close like that with the moans of the dead looking lifeless into me with dead eyes is not a place you want to spend too much time in.

    Then, I heard the garage door open. My wife and other son had heard my pounding on the door and came to join the party. My son had a stick of some kind, one that I hadn't seen before. And my wife had her pistol with silencer and something that glistened when the sun hit it, but I was too busy to make it out. My son used the long stick to keep his distance from the zombies. One very firm, baseball swing style whack the to head seemed to stun them and he came in closer to snap the neck. My wife on the other hand was going through her clip like she had another... and she did. She was walking up and pulling the trigger prisoner style as they dropped like flies.  The glistening item I saw turned out to be a pair of brass knuckles I gave her for our anniversary last year to honor our first lives we saved as a couple.

    The zombies a year ago were no where near this hungry or loud. We had to get them all down, before other zombies heard the commotion. And the crowd that stood around was like one that gathers after a car wreck or a country town football game. Quiet and lifeless as the zombies we were relieving. Aside from the whacks of my sons stick, the small tweet of the silenced pistol, the thud of my other sons Desert Eagle across the temple of the zombies and the other... miscellaneous sounds you usually hear inside a zombie take down, It was dead quiet... (no pun intended) The neighbors said nothing, they just watched.

    When it was over, we looked at each other and ourselves to make sure we survived 'again'. There were at least a dozen or more zombies than I originally thought, laid out on the front lawn of my neighbors. We stood there weapons drawn,  out of breath, while we looked around... for any more.  There were none.  Our glances ended up on the people standing across the street and through their windows, just staring at us. I heard someone slurp, and reach the bottom of their Whataburger shake, but that's it.
Still catching her breath, my wife says, "do you want salad with dinner tonight?" We all nodded and stepped over our enemies on the way back to our yard. If we didn't blow it off like we do, then it would stick with us... and ultimately ruin us. But we are zombie fighters. So we have to move on.

    20 minutes later the ASMZ showed up with their white vans and little electronic devices to pick up the mess and get some kind of reading from around the house. My guess is for radiation. I heard the radiation from Japan has reached Vegas already and could be here too. But guess who was driving the van...? The Canary. The same driver of the van that drove off from 'my' drive way the other day after his buddies were killed by zombies right at my front door. I was outside and we exchanged looks again. He knows I recognize him.

    Anyway, be careful out there. There seems to be more zombies every day, and not a lot of explanation as to why they are here, how they came about, or if they'll ever go away. And if you live in a quiet neighborhood....well, count your blessings.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I know I know, that's a big stupid claim. How in the crap can you even piece ZOMBIES together with a monster like Hitler? Let me explain.
This all ties into my preaching about population control. Lets start in WWII.  Hitler created a program with some of the worlds best scientists called the HUMAN GENOME PROJECT. By the end of WWII, genetic manipulation was well in order to find a 'MASTER RACE'. And this, as you know resulted in the death of thousands of innocent people.
AUSCHWITZ: To make the projects continue, these mad scientists left home, and worked with governments around the world to convince us that these 'genetic tests' were necessary in promise of finding cures for some of the planets most horrible diseases. 
In time, these genetic alterations resulted in backfires across the board.  Mutations of both animal and human were the run off of what THEIR goal is. The government wants soldiers who can work and fight longer, with no pain or feeling. This is just one stage of the MASTER PLAN of POPULATION CONTROL.  
Media has taken over the story and convinced the population to take the medicines that the  government offers, while the elitists are taking genetically altered foods and drugs in hopes of ETERNAL LIFE. The common man is meant to be a slave/servant to the master race of genetically altered leaders.  These leaders have worked together to form a unity government where the original humans eventually die out, and the NEW WORLD will reign. 
ZOMBIES could be the result of these awful genetic experiments.  Humans that feel no pain or remorse of murder. No need to speek or sing. Just to devour to survive. Strength is a possible side effect as well.
If my predictions are accurate, we are already being fed the very poison that could kill our race of pure breeds. The mysterious contrails in the sky, left by unmarked jets. The ever growing list of pesticides put in our foods. The fatal amounts of msg we are forced to consume.  The list goes on and on. Not to mention What they treat our water with.
These things I share in hopes that we will stand together and fight these new biological catastrophes we are faced with. Killing zombies might be the funnest way to past time these days, but we might be faced with yet another enemy.
Did Hitlers army of evil scientists create the first ZOMBIES?  Is the ASMZ older than we all expected?
Are vaccinations really safe? Or are we slowly turning into the ZOMBIES we kill every day??

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I can't sleep.  Shell shock and the neighbors stupid dog are driving me crazy. If I were a lesser man...I'd let zombies in their back yard!
Zombie dogs don't bark. They don't live long either.....hmmmm. maybe I'd be doing everyone a favor???? Naaa. Better stay put.

////WARNING///// Indonesian zombies on the rise!!


! Indonesia is in the news with a new story of hundreds of zombies found in an underground bunker once used to store military equipment.. More to come when the story comes available.
Personal question?? How the crap did zombies get to INDONESIA???
 any explanations? Leave in the comments section.
Watch your back out there!


(this world count on ZFC'S was taken inside of one hour Thursday morning)
United States
South Korea 
United Kingdom


As you know... America is spending millions of dollars in terrorism defence in fear that Yemen will attack the US. Yemen is known for their radicalism and now if our special forces teams don't do their job, we could feel the force of what they have in store for us. New reports from the GYPSY group say that they have contracted deals with some contacts here in the  states ready to deploy manufactured zombies from secret zombie farms.  This sounds alarmingly like the earlier reports of Zombie farms being created in special key places. I still haven't found any sign or even sounds around the NASA training center. But this could mean grim things for us here. If terrorist have zombie farms here that are capable of creating mass quantaties of flesh eating monsters.... well, we better be ready.
Going home now. Tired. 12 hour days back to back to back. We usually have to stay an extra hour or two when there are too many zombs out there. Like a thick fog. Even with the spiked bars on the jeep, its hard to push thru sometimes. 
Till later.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3.23.2011 UNDER ATTACK!!

I'm writing from an upstairs level at work. Trying to stay quiet. Another UPS worker left the door open, the gate was open too. There's about 10 zombs on the first floor. I can see them right now. So weird to blog while death is so close. It reminds me of last week when my family went out to play on the back yard. All the while there were Zombies cutting themselves on my fence to get at us. Crazy times right? I can see one zombie down there now sort of just pawing at my bosses window. He's gone of course. Its just me and one other working tonight.  The UPS worker was attacked in the break room. I know this because he's got chocolate all over his face... funny.

I guess the trick of this is to find a way to attract their attention.  If I can get them all in one place it'll be easier to kill em' all. Screw calling the ASMZ. They'll find some way to accuse me of something. So sick of them. After my interview with that Gypsy member the other night, I don't trust ANYBODY!

K. I gotta get creative here and cause a distraction.  I want to go home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Go to the voting box and help get those numbers up!! Thank you to all the zombie fighters around the world. Lets keep this forum exciting!! Vote for more ZOMBIE LIFE!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

gypsy interview.mp3

gypsy interview.mp3

This interview gives insight to the GYPSY'S and the ASMZ.  Your not going to believe what they have to say!!! And if your reading from the application on your phone, link up to the website to hear the audio interview.. Your not going to regret it!!!
Keep fighting out there!
Eddie Rotten

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3.20.2011 Killer Canaries, Gypsy's, a big freakin MOON, and Radiation

Hey zombie fighters out there. Ive got a few things I wanted to touch on before I hit the hay. 1st off, did you see the moon? The size is unbelievable, at least it is from my roof top. The closeness to earth is what the Gypsy's said will cause all the earthquakes in the gulf and in California. I hope that their info is wrong. Because if its not, we're all in for a crappy few months to come. So double check on all your supplies.

Next on the list is the mysterious Canary colored men that shot up those Gypsy door knockers at my house the other day. I sniffed around some well hid resources and they told me that they are a sister company to the ASMZ. The new clean up crew basically. Their job is to get rid of the people that will expose the ASMZ for what they are. So that paints a big fat red target on my family. But ill just watch my back. There's no way I'm backing down after all this... no way.

And the last thing to talk about is the radiation that is now washing up on the coast of California. "There is no risk". At least that's what all the media and governments are saying. There doesn't seem to be -an immediate risk... no- but what they are not mentioning is some of the elements inside the radiation mixes with the particular type of high pollution that a place like California offers... causes an infection called NECROTIZING FASCIITIS. A stupid word we used instead of saying... flesh eating bacteria. New ideas about the tsunami are coming in that seem somewhat startling. I cant rely solely on who gave me the Intel... but it is intriguing.  Several miles off the coast of Japan, and just before the flood; Two submarines (one Russian, and one American) were lost off the radar somehow. They still haven't been recovered and three different governments at this moment are searching for them. What the hubbub? Both submarines were Nuclear Carriers with 4 nuclear warhead missiles on each Sub. Could this have detonated on or above the known fault line that is said to have caused the earthquake/tsunami?  Again, this Intel is sketchy at most but I will be digging like I always do.

Today, just so you know, was an accomplishment for me. I talked city management into using their Waste Management teams to gather zombies instead of relying on the ASMZ to do everything. They armored over half their fleet of dump trucks and are now able to pick up zombies with their hydraulic lifts and scooping them dead, severed, limbless, headless, what ever the case may be... into the back where they go to a burning landfill just outside Houston.

See, we don't need some government funded group to make all our decisions for us. We just have to use our voices to rise above the groans of the zombies! FIGHT!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the week to join the website EDDIEROTTEN.COM (shameless plug) So to get your recognition you deserve and become an authorized zombie fighter please join the site and tell your friends too. Zombies don't kill themselves... well... they do sometimes but we have to kill them too!

Talk to you soon. Stay safe. Stay ALIVE!

Friday, March 18, 2011

3.17.2011 KILL SHOT

I came across some information that your all going to need. This new intel ties alot of unanswered things for me. I'll start with the radiation coming from Japan... It all trickles down from there. As you know, we here in the U.S. are concerned about the radiation that has taken over Japan. The zombies there are stronger, faster, and wiser. We don't need those kind of zombies here. It seems our only immediate defense is medicine.... Which were rapidly running out of. Potassium Iodine is flying off the shelf like crack was in the late 80's and it isn't something we have an abundance of... So, soon or later, we'll be out. When this happens, radiation (if it reaches us at all) will slowly kill out those that aren't stocked up with the potassium iodine meds. The last line of defense is to eat loads and loads of seaweed. They 'say' this will do the same as the meds. If that's the case, why aren't they handing out seaweed? I'm just saying... Be careful with government meds. That might be where these bastard zombies came from in the first place.

Next bit of very important business, is what is to transpire in the coming months. This information will No doubtably startle and disturb some of you, so be warned. With new information that will be reviled in the upcoming GYPSY INTERVIEW, we are informed of the deliberate placement of zombies around the nation and around the world. We're told that a secret program is in place called KILL SHOT. This program is said to be a government cover up that will disable most powered devices and many orbiting satellites that keep us informed about the outbreak. They are going to use 'sun flares' as the cover up story thru the media. Most of the loss in power will happen in the eastern half of America. Northern states will have some power loss and the southern states should be fine... Unless news changes. The satellites that will affected will in turn shut down our local and global zombie monitoring systems. Be warned... If you don't have extra food and water and weaponry, please....this is your announcement of warning. Those that have chosen to not pay attention to sites like these will be attacked first. Our sources with the GYPSYS say that when our global warning system goes down, the ASMZ and a new unknown related group will be deploying zombies in those places.

Short story is the attempt by the one world government and the ASMZ for population control is to be put into full swing over the next 6 months. I will be digging as much as I can to bring you the best news that can help. Again, there is no need to spend your money on new smart phones and flat screens, get your gear together. The enemy is about to strike.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I believe they came to warn me.


Weeks half over and the classes are going great. Tomorrow we go out in the field and get some real world experience to the trainees.  By the end of the week we will be graduating most of the students. Only 25 people all together have quit. Funny thing though, Tuesday a lady quit one of our classes in Canada, yesterday she came back as a zombie!!! Oh the irony.

3.16.2011 What a jacked up way to wake up...

I'm in bed. Covers up over my head. I have learned how to tune out the sirens and helicopters that are paying attention to the zombies. I get a knock at my door. The most irritating kind too, because I initially didn't get up, hoping they would go away. Then came the door bell. I'm pissed at myself now cause I was going to take my doorbell out a few weeks ago but got lazy... You know how I roll..
I look thru the peephole and see two people in their 40's. What the he'll could they want? I could also see two zombs slowly making their way down the road in the back ground. Too far to care about even by the two strangers outside my door. They were asking questions about barking dogs in the neighborhood. It was a woman/man combo. While the lady asked me questions, my trained eye noticed the man looking into my house and mentally taking inventory. I knew something was up, just not sure who they were working for. I had some questions of my own.
Just as I was about to unleash and begin my accusations, a white van pulled into my driveway, then door slid open and out came two men, dressed in yellow jumpsuits carrying ak's. The woman immediately looked concerned. They took quick aim and shot two single shots at the solicitors while they walked towards my door. I closed and locked the door and watched the rest of the events transpire through the peephole.
The men in the yellow jumpsuits began dragging the two lifeless bodies back to the van where the driver was ready for them. Remember those zombies down the street? Well they had made their way to my front lawn now under the radar of these new yellow assassins. The driver started screaming hurry up but it was too late. Both men in yellow had their back sides ripped off and were eaten alive on the parking lot of my front yard.
Before you know it... All four of the dead people were rising again to be the zombies they became. The driver of the white van backed out and slid on the bodies all the way out of the neighborhood.
As soon as the zombies cleared from my property, I went out to spray my driveway off, I found a peculiar piece of paper that must have fell from one of the solicitors hands during their demise. It said,"Houston Gypsy Group". Were those two people sent here from their leader to scope out my place after that revealing interview the other night? Too bad I couldn't talk to them longer... They were pretty mosey though. Sux cause it took a long ass time to spray them off my driveway.
The real question here is, who the crap were those canary dressed goons?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lady GaGa trampled by a group of 12 zombies, but not eaten. What does she have that we don't?

Ushers sex tape revield online and now with state of the art equipment, film enhancent shows the first group of Zombies sleeping in the background.

Justin Beiber was locked in a porto-potty after a concert while hundreds of zombies were reported throwing milk bottles at him.

Charlie Sheen under investigation for killing and keeping one of his 'goddesses'. Sheen says that "as a zombie, she can't stop me from acting like an ass and repeatedly saying WINNING in the shower".

OBAMA questioned on why he plays golf during an obvious end of the world, and why he has a zombie caddy on a chain.. his responce?? "THAT IS OUT OF MY PAY GRADE".

Peace fighters.

Happy Tuesday

You go to work, I go to bed. While you sleep, blood is shed. I will kill, but now I rest. So in the night, I fight my best. Die Zombies Die!

3.15.2011 I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

Have you ever wondered whAt it would be like if morons weren't in charge of our schools and government? Yea.. Me too. So as you know they are taking funds out of our schools again. The arts are going kaput. Which means we are going to graduate mindless robots instead of inventive, intuitive human beings. And we all know who's calling the shots.. Here's the deal. If children aren't allowed to use their imagination, then They won't be able to fend off the crap that the government gives them. Like... The seemingly always hungry zombies and the super duper annoying ASMZ. Well, long story short, book smart kids aren't going to save the world from flesh eating zombies. We really need to up the requirements of the youth by giving them more music and art programs. Some of these art programs have launched child prodigies like the kid from Louisiana who made the first ever zombie killer machine. A machine designed to kill large numbers of zombies by gathering zombies into a 15x15 pin by blasting audio from it's center. When the pin is full the gate is closed by remote. Zombies will either eat themselves to the floor or die by a quick zip cord that is snapped across the upper rim of the pin. Those kind of awesome inventions don't create themselves people. Taking funding from schools will cripple this nation in more than one way. But... That's probably the agenda anyway.... Isn't it big brother?

Anyway, on with your day, or night where ever you be. And if your in the Houston area, don't drive down NASA rd1 for a few more hours. There was a live band that was playing at one of those hole in the wall bars that will never get big enough to be relevant. Apparently they didn't have good enough security and were attacked by some zombs. Being right next to NASA you would think that the ASMZ would come out and save the day. Not this time. Bodies were drawn out all over and into the street. Most if not all the zombies walked away before help came. I drove by during the clean up. I shouldn't have had that food so late/early in the day. I puked in my mouth a little bit.

So with that, have an awesome breakfast...teehee.. Seriously though. Have a great day. We have lots to be thAnkful for. So don't pass up the opportunity to bash a few zombies brains out on our way to the car. Make my job that much easier..

Keep in touch cuz I'm airing the Gypsy Interview soon. Hopefully this week. I'm having a hard time convincing them that it will benefit their cause if more people know about them.

Now I'm just rambling. Going to bed now.zzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 14, 2011

3.14.2011 Welcome to Day Light Savings... with zombies!

   There is a difference in the air on a monday like this one. The time is defferent. Thats right. Day light savings is in full effect and most of America and others... are still rubbing their eyes and drinking coffee well into the latter part of the day. So, I dont want to run on about things but I did want to cover a few topics really quickly.
   We'll start with the nuclear power plant in Japan. Officials are downplaying the radiation risk (as we knew they would). When something of that size and mass explodes, and it has a risk of spewing radiation all over creation.. its probably going to happen. U.S. Navy ships were pulled off the shore just in case... just in case? Here's what they're 'not going' to report. When those reactors exploded.. Thousands of zombies that were already infecting the area were launched everywhere. When they landed, they got back to their feet, if they had any left.. and started attacking everything in their path. But this time, with radiated teeth. Not good. These zombies were really crazy. They were moving just a bit faster and much much stronger. The best thing about this scenario, is the resilient people of Japan. The tsunami was believed to wash away everything in its path, and for the most part.. it did and most of the zombies were washed out to sea. The strong people of Japan pulled together and immediately started rebuilding despite all the loss and the continuing battle against radiation infected zombies. So bravo for the people of Japan.. We can all learn from your strength and sense of family.

   The rest of the news is well.. for a lack of a better word. Retarded. Its covering things like "Whats the best car to drive and what movies sucked on their opening night". Nothing worth covering really.

I will be staying up to date with Japan though. We have several zombie fighters in the area and more are making themselves known each day. My map here at home is lighting up like a Christmas tree from all the new fighters coming out and making themselves known, so keep it up.

Finally.. last night I was flipping through an old AM radio that I had up in the attic. I mostly came across static and Mexican music. But one station came in clear just for a second and then faded away. It was some dude talking about a resistance and something else but I couldnt quite make it out.  What really caught my attention were two words we all know well by now. Between the static and fuzz I made out -Gypsy resistance- and -ASMZ-. Now... who it is or what side they were speaking for I dont know.. but I do know i'll be tuning in to this station more frequently to see if I can get a better reading on this.I'll report back to you when I have more solid info.

Its early though and as the sun rises.. I can hear the ambulance drivers and the peoples screams outside.  AAAHH the sounds of an eternal zombie apocalypse. I'm still amazed on how people still have the paper thrown to their house.?.?  Its got to be the number one way to be attacked by zombies in the morning.. So get your coffee on and polish that shot gun. No one respects a dirty weapon.
 Be cool and take care.
Till later
Eddie Rotten

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Special thanks to these brutal fighters.

I know things get tough. I know it's hard to get up every day and blast zombies off your lawn just so you can get to work. It's an unbelievable struggle that humanity has to endure these days and the zombie fighters triumph over all these hurdles. So... I'm taking the time to notice the fighters that have come out and made themselves known to the world. It's not the easiest thing in the world to be a fighter as we are usually shunned from regular citizens. Most people want all zombies to be extinguished by the ASMZ. Us in the underground know that they have an agenda. The zombie fighters of the world keep 'hope' running strong. So in honor of all free living people in the world... We thank these VERY SPECIAL ZOMBIE FIGHTERS:


Again, thank you for all your hard work. We know that you all use tons of hydrogen peroxide just to get the zombie blood stains out of your clothes. It's not an easy or glorified job.... But someone has to do it. So keep those guns cocked and your machetes sharp, our battle continues. And we intend to win. One dead zombie at a time!!!

If you would like to be a Noticed Zombie Fighter, please join the ranks! Just follow on the site. Also, don't be shy. In the comments section leave your weapon of choice or a short description of what's going on in your area. We could use the information.... Every little bit helps. Don't forget to let us know where your fighting out of. Zombies are everywhere, it's nice to know how much help is in your area!



United States and Alaska are the strongest Units yet. Thus, having the most Zombies to destroy. Hopefully it'll stay that way. Fingers crossed.


I have a mac at home but I rock an android (as you know). They are a bit heavier and do more damage if you clock a zombie in the head with one. I suggest a big ass phone protector case though. Sometimes you chunk yer' phone at a zombie head and it just passes straight through that sucker!!! I eat my Wheaties!!!!


I just had an interview with one of the GYPSIES. You wouldn't believe it but he was pretty cool. I think they get a bad wrap because of the happy face bags they put on the zombies faces. He says its easier to distract them before taking all the money and what-nots out of their pockets. He even told me they looted one zombies rib cavity... Said there was a gold watch in his stomach..? Anyway. Your not going to believe this interview. Its very telling on what they believe the ASMZ is doing and even their take on how these zombies came to be. And let me tell you something.. If you are looking for a profitable job, zombie gypsies make cash!!! This guy told me in one day, in a once prominent neighborhood, they made over $5000 in just pocket change from these corporate execs turned zombies. The controversy lies in why they let the zombies go after painting smiley faces on bags and putting them over their heads. Its all in the interview. I'll have some here on the blog... the rest is an actual audio recording. YOUR NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS THIS!!!
The interview airs in a few days so tell your friends to log on or get the app or something so they don't miss this ground-breaking event. Definitely will be the talk around the water cooler.
     MEANWHILE.. I went to my brother in laws 40th birthday party tonight. There were surprisingly a CRAP-LOAD of old ass people there. There was a live band (they were actually pretty good), and hot dogs and hamburgers. The bright side of the night was that all but one couple made it to their car with out being attacked. The unlucky couple were probably in their 70s or more. This cute little old lady with her walker and her son... who was probably in his mid 50's.. and the husband, a rancid old bag with a mean streak that ran all thru his body. I wasn't surprised when he got attacked. The old lady made it into the car with the help of her son, but the old fart husband was busy yelling at his wife and trying to pull the purse from her hands for some reason. This lady had a death grip on that thing!!! Well. Long story short, a zombie was slowly making his way up behind the husband, the son and wife knew it..(they had to have) and said nothing. She held on to that purse just long enough. Me and my wife talked on the way home.. "Do you think she held on to that purse so her husband would get chomped on?" I think so.... Otherwise, the son wouldnt have ran over the old man after waiting for him to turn.. Karma comes back around people. In this case, it was in the form of an old fart zombie.
Till later, keep in touch, find a cure, and lock your doors!

Friday, March 11, 2011

3.11.2011 RESPECT the ZOMBIE

There are reports coming in that the zombies in 'our' area are becoming more...violent. But you have to be a REAL moron to even be caught by these things. I can understand if your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and your windows wont roll up, but c'mon. They dont run...unless you are pulling them behind your car (like my son and his friends do). They cant cuss you out and provoke you to be mad at them.. Whats the deal? Why are all these people being attacked by ZOMBIES?!? People that get close enough to zombies and actually get attacked are destined to become a zombie themselves. You have to respect the zombie. Not each individual zombie.. but the zombie entity. Zombie is a way of life. DUH! If you are attacked in a drive through because your window or door is open.. its your fault. If you are attacked inside your own house because you left the door open.. its your fault. If you have a family that is perfectly capable of destroying zombies with skill and ability.. but for some odd reason they dont know how???? ITS YOUR FAULT! Seriously, Im sick and tired of seeing neighbors running down the road screaming with one less arm. And seeing zombies walk into the grocery store like they needs some eggs or something. Look out for the living. Please. We have each other to help each other. We all know if we get cornered by 100 zombies, we have to rely on each other for help right? Now dust off your stomping boots and do your sit ups. There's still zombies to kill tomorrow! Hell, just walk outside and listen to the night. The zombies tell us where they are, and vise-versa. So be careful out there and take heed.
There is news on the ASMZ coming up soon so please stay tuned to the blog. the AMERICAN SCIENCE MILITARY for ZOMBIES is being covered and exposed by the GYPSIES. It should be a good interview. Im working on some audio as we speak.
Watch your back and DEFEND YOUR BRAIN.
Thank you all for your hard work. EDDIE ROTTEN


United states
United kingdom
South korea

Thank you all for your interest in becoming zombie fighters. During our campaign you will learn how to start your own ZFC (zombie fighters chapter). Then You will be the able to recruit your own zombie fighters. Best of luck!


Our Zombie fighters are planning a global recruitment campaign.  They've decided to start in Indonesia.  So... if your looking to join the fight, now's the time. Over and out cold;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

3.10.2011 BLACK DEATH

With Obamacare and the Tea Party headlining the news, Zombies have again taken a Backdoor on national importance.
They are definitely gaining ground though. There is speculation that the NASA program and the ASMZ are working together (again) to manufacture a bee pollen virus. Believe it or not we depend greatly on them. Its Down 88% than ever before... the red haze that looms over our skies sometimes is believed to be the cause of the drop in bee pollen...among other things. Of course they both deny all accusations,  but there is an independent group that has been exposing secrets about the zombies and their origins.  I mentioned them before.. its the GYPSIES.  They are publishing a small paper that explains alot of the odd 'happenings' here locally and are supposed to be working with other ZFC's (zombie fighters chapters) around the country to bring us more underground news. The farmers are suffering because of he red haze, and the whole chain of our health seems to be suffering because of the sudden drop in bees. So keep your eye on the sky and report any red haze days in the comments section when you get a chance. In the mean time.. I don't know if you saw the zombie birds picture I posted earlier, but my friend called a while ago and told me why he didn't make it in to work. His yard is completely covered in black birds. He opened his door to leave and his cat ran out to attack the birds on the ground....but that plan backfired!  He said his cat started jumping up into the air to get away, then it looked like a black ball of feather was jumping into the air. Finally, his cat changed and looked directly at the door and charged towards it to eat him. He said he barely closed it in time and his cat was still trying to get in. I've never seen a zombie cat but he said it was pretty brutal. He said by the time the cat stopped jumping, its ears were gone and most of the skin from its face and legs area was gone too. Nasty. He also mentioned a speed in zomby agility he hadn't seen before. Gonna have to keep my eyes out for charging zombie cats...and figure out why they can move faster than other zombed animals.  Well, my breaks almost over and ZOMBIE WIPEOUT just ended. (That show is freaking hilarious! !) Back to work. Remember to keep an eye out for red skies and those black death birds. They can turn a bad day worse. Later...

3.10.2011 ZOMBIE birds everywhere!!

Just thought I'd share a picture of the grocery store parking lot. Not a bad day by far, but when there is such a red haze... well, that's a good indication that the following days are gonna be rough. Are You prepared?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get the Zombie Life app for your Android phone!"


Looking forward to this weekend.  Its my anniversary with my wife. You wouldn't believe how many zombs we've killed together.  It was actually her idea to stick it out here in Texas.  My thought a few years ago was to take off to Utah and set camp there. Good thing we didn't. They're having Zombie infestation pretty bad these days. I guess every place gets their turn. Only time will tell with us. Our team is only getting stronger.  And with the new android phone app up and running,  our ZFC's (zombie fighters chapters) will get bigger and stronger.  So keep up the Good work out there. Whoever you are... wherever you might be. Don't die on us. Were friends now. But I'll kill you as a zombie.
Out for now.

Excuse the typos

Most of my post are done by phone. Not the best form of data entry ,But what do you expect. I'm usually running backwards with 2 shotguns Blasting the heads of my Nemesis.

3.9.2011 Recruitment

If you hadn't noticed the worlds going to crap. Zombies are still slaughtering people in Libya, domestically our gas prices are flying through the roof. 3 dollars and 25 cents in houston. This makes it extremely hard to go get supplies. Food and water are flying off the shelves and people are going crazy. We need more zombies fighters. The untrained  zombies fighter group don't stand a chance. If 1 single person is infected the whole group turns.
Zombie groups are starting to form all over town and the cops won't even going there. People are looting houses, stores, and businesses. Anything to get their supplies up. I'm sure a full blown martial law is in the near future.
And just like before the media is not covering the zombie news. It's really up to us,  the zombie fighters, to literally save our world. So all applicants welcome we are training this weekend in Clear Lake.
Locally the biggest threat Are the animals the have turned zombie. They don't live very long But man do they have a nasty bite. There is an apartment complex down the road that was attacked by a pack of zombie dogs. The ASMZ came and  lock it down, They went and with their guns and blasted everyone.  Hopefully they all turned before they died. Rumor has it that the ASMZ is conducting population control by killing humans, but reporting that they are zombies.  I hope that's not he case.
Well... time for work again. I'm doing some shopping after work tonight. Wish me luck. The zombie birds have taken over most grocery store parking lots. Fingers crossed.  Peace.

Friday, March 4, 2011

3.3.2011 -CONTINUED

I decided to run back towards the female zombie 'that wasn't coming back a second time'. I liked her rifle and wanted it add it to my arsenal. As I bent over to grab it I noticed the keys clipped to her pants. I unclipped the keys while popping off two or three more rounds to finish off the closest Zombies approaching me. I zigzagged in motion back to my bike and hoisted it and my back pack on my shoulder. I made it out with all my skin, an extra gun, and a truck! But I ditched that a few hours ago... it had an Aggies sticker on it..
Amongst all the fire and rotten walkers, I could have sworn I saw my buddy Mike the zombie. The ASMZ picked him up from work last month after I killed him...but how could he be out spooking again? Surely they're not recycling dead tissue..TWICE??
But, I'm glad to be Alive and able to report. In the future.. don't pass by the NASA training center alone or without some weapons. Its a nightmare!!!
That's all for now... peace.
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I rode my bike immediately to the outside if the cars, and as far away from the oncoming moaners. I parked my bike up against the neatest tree, unpacked both 9 mm's from my back pack and started surveying my options.
There were litterally hundreds of zombs coming out from behind trees and brush. I knew there was no way I would survive this one if I didn't think fast. People started getting out of their cars. Others locked their doors and tried to hide underneath each other. I Noticed some of the cars in the rear were already empty. I quickly made my way toward them and help the last of the people get out. Some of the driver says stayed in their cars tried to hop the curb to get away. Didn't work. There were just too many zombies. Just like zombies I saw the other day these were very angry and vicious. because there were so many living humans they had no interest in eating each other. People were scattering everywhere. There was only one more person that was armed. She was standing on top of a truck firing blindly into the crowd. This is definitely slowed some of them down but this it did not stop anything. They just got right back up. From behind the last car I fired a shot that went through her back windshield. She quickly glanced down and then looked at me. I waved for her to come my way... and she did.. quickly. He ran on top of all the cars bumper to bumper to make it to where I was standing. She jumped off the bumper of the last car and rolled on the concrete, dropping her weapon. As soon as she made it behind me I started blasting the cars. It didn't take long before we started a little fire. this point there were zombies coming our way, but the wall of fire protected us from any one of those things getting too close.
Facing backwards I kept firing into the zombie mob. Half of them were on fire now has the cars started exploding one by one. I was wondering why this lady didnt get up off the ground. I ran back up to her to drag her away from the fire, and as soon as I grabbed her arm her head flipped back like a pez dispenser and tried to bite me. But this isn't my first rodeo... I could quickly tell what happened to her. she snapped her neck when she rolled towards me. I also noticed a huge chunk of meat missing from her left leg. She was infected. Her fogged eyes and hissing voice was another dead give away. Quickly handled with a shot to the head and then it was back to business. I slowly start making my way back towards the tree where I parked my bike. the zombie themed to walk towards me even though the fire was in the way. That's when I noticed where I was exactly. I was at the black spot on the map the mailman gave me weeks ago in front of NASA. This is where the zombie farm was supposed to be. I can't help but think there is A huge conspiracy going on. This many zombies at one time would make anyone think the most extreme.
My situation was dire, and getting worse. A second wave of Zombies were coming directly from behind the training center. Completely surrounded, I checked my rounds. Saving one. That ones for the poor results eater that gets too close. I glanced up and noticed all the open doors to these cars. Surely theres some with the keys still in.....
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3.3.2011 OUTNUMBERED-1

OSo I'm at home earlier. Watched the news before I rode to work. My bike hasn't seen his much action since the first week I bought it. Traffic says there are no hold ups. Which means there haven't been any Zombies crossing the freeway causing wrecks with fatalities. I'm fine though cuz I take the back roads. Plenty if traffic means please plenty of cops and ASMZ officers. Looked like it was going to be a no zombie commute.
I traveled down bay area Blvd till I got to space center and hung a left. There was nice weather and plenty of sidewalk. Yup. It was all good till I got to the training facility. The road narrows down to two lanes, bottle necking every car in front of me. There was no movement. Only horns honking and people yelling at each other. Someone up front either fell asleep or had a heart attack.
I'm on my bike, so I zoom past everyone. That's when I heard the screaming begin. There are open fields on either side of the road and coming from both...are hoards and hoards of zombies. I remember thinking that they must be wandering aimlessly out there till they hear human noises. Either way, here they came.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3.2.2011 Zombies Zombies everywhere!!!

So continuation, my shift ended. I went to the breakroom to look out the windows just to see how many zombies were out there. Just as me and my coworkers anticipated, there were hundreds if not more. And they looked so pissed. Like the look you have at the DMV after 6 hours. They had a genuine look of hate and anger about them that I hadn't before seen. Zombies with attitudes. That would make a good B flick I bet. Anyway. I went and started prepping my bicycle. I figure if I created some sort of distraction I could divert enough of them to ride out. There's no way they could catch me on my bike. It is a little more risky though. So what I did was take a spray bottle and fill it up with generator gasoline . I was preparing a make shift Molotov Cocktail. I then heard gunshots and a horn. Then I noticed, "HEY I recognize that gunshot." The bursts are rhythmic and calculated. I ran back to the break room to see through the window again. Through the fog on the street and through the swarms of zombies I saw my subaru plowing through them. My wife was driving and my sons were firing precision headshots, mowing down number less amounts of the walking dead. They pulled up to the front parking lot where I was ready with my bike. My two sons got out and opened the trunk to the car as they pepppered round after round into the mob. I tossed my bike in the trunk and slammed the lid simultaneously as my wife cocked and tossed me my favorite shotgun. A few zombs got enough for hand to hand but the flesh grubbers didn't stand a chance against my two well trained zombie killers. As we sped off, I was reassured that my family will never let me down. Watching my wife's driving skills in unison with firing a 9 millimeter through the front window...well..that's just hot.
My boys are in the garage now cleaning off the spikes of the soob and then going to school. Its been an eventful night. Coming home from work will be a challenge tonight as well, but im up for it. I'm waiting to see if the ASMZ has cleared the area yet around my shop.
I keep forgetting to Go check out that zombie farm the mail man told me about. Remind me of you can to do that.
K... time for bed. Later fellow Zombie fighters!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3.2.2011 all hell is here

There's too much to cover this moment, but my shop is surrounded. And so is the neighboring industrial buildings in the area. The zombie infestation from across the bridge has found its way to Deer Park where I work. The worst of it is my mode of transportation. The Jeep is out of commission for the next few days and I'm on a bicycle. Getting to work wasn't that bad. The ASMZ and other rogue committee's really do a good job of bagging and tagging during the daytime hours. At night your on your own till a call is made. Ill let you know how the night ends up ...hopefully. Our perimeter fence should hold back several hundred Zombies at a time. I just have to hope their appetites are strong enough to eat each others numbers down so I can make a quiet escape come the end if my shift. But if there are people and other living things keeping their attention, they wont be eating each others rotten flesh at all. Their tongues will want real American, me. Praying for a miracle here. Peace.
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