Friday, February 25, 2011

2.25.2011 Eastern adaptation

Not that its any of my business, But the news is reporting The people of Libya Continuing to fight against Their leader. His claim of extinguishing The zombie infection Has gone on for decades. The people are pissed And rising up against him and his own government. Apparently he has hired mercenaries to go kill the protesters. Which in turn become zombies. Which becomes a plague that is against all parties. Its truly the bloodiest double edged sword I have ever seen. The biggest thing that stands out to me is that there is no ASMZ anywhere to be seen. At least here, when there is total mayhem and anarchy the ASMZ steps in and starts hacking zombies down like a lumberjack in a rain forest. I hate to admit it but maybe the ASMZ 'is' needed....? I still can't stand why they are so mysterious and illusive. My son told me they had a Booth in the gym during career day. Kinda irritated me but this is the zombie world we live in. I'm just glad my family is intact. One unit. We are recruiting new zombie fighters everyday though if anyone is interested ...
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