Thursday, February 24, 2011

2.24.2011 Zombies in Wisconsin

People are concerned about Governor Scott Walkers decision to ignore the states Zombie Killers rights in Wisconsin. I don't get it. If there aren't any zombie killers.. who's gonna keep things in place? These people have proven that they can work, they're just fighting for their families now. I don't see what the problem is. The only way he could take the power away from the people is to bring in the government. Or even worse... the ASMZ. The American Science Military for Zombies has the power of the law now. The police that don't comply with them are promptly let go. Its all jacked up.. BTW.. did you know the ASMZ has convinced the school districts around here to take spelling out of the curriculum? They are controlling everything now. Do they even want us to survive this crap? ... speaking of crap. My rifle jammed again when I got home. I slammed into a zombie a few blocks from the house. I could have sworn it was dead....again. But when I went out to check the mail, there he was. He looked pretty fresh.. probably not more than a few days old. So I grabbed the ol' widow maker and took aim. Nothing. I had to use my leaf rake. Took for freaking ever!
Anyway. I'm tired. Peace.
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