Wednesday, February 23, 2011


To see what other countries are going throughToday was one of the worst days for any of us zombie fighters out there. I don't want to get into what happened overseas too much. It's just too sad to see what other countries are going through. I 'will' have to talk about it but just not now. Here in America laws changing so that students can bring their guns to school. I've always thought that was okay, but with new zombies appearing on each campus students are taking shots at zombies and missing. People are dying, then getting up to kill even more. The government will not fund zombie defense training at schools, which basically multiplies the number zombies everyday. Zombie fighters all over America are trying to take a stand but the ASMZ seems to have more power than anyone. They are basically letting people kill each other off just to return as zombies. I don't get it. Just because they put a new law in place to let students bring guns to school, doesn't mean they haven't been doing it for years. Zombies came out and got the attention they deserved. Why arent we allowed to defend ourselves?
On a lighter note, some people have figured out a way to attach some of these zombies to cables, which are attached to a generator. With them in constant motion, this produces energy. They might be on to something there.... I doubt the government would ever let them produce it into something that would actually help us out. As I type this, I've got one moping its way towards me. Someone must of left the back door open. Looks like he used to work for UPS. Poor sap. He doesn't see me though, I'm behind my machine. He is the first zombie I've seen in here since I killed my coworker Mike, who turned last month. Well... I guess I should get off and handle this. Plus, it's almost 8 o'clock. That's my lunch break.
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