Sunday, February 20, 2011

2.20.2011 World Wide Zombie News!!!!!

There's alot going on in the news now. Zombies have completely taken over the small community right across the bridge from my work. The only thing living is some plant life and an occasional ASMZ copter flying in and out. That's the least of our problems. If you look at yahoo... they are reporting all the news, but no one is talking about the zombies. What is the problem with these people?!? Over seas, the Zombie unrest has spread to the Libyan capital. The military is hanging on by a thread. Most of their weapons are used up or destroyed. And the news says its all about oil??? How stupid do they think we are? The following food shortage has nothing to do with the price per barrel. Its all about what uncontaminated food there is left to eat.
 Zombies devour whats in their path. They eat all walks of life including each other. That's why they are 'all' so chewed up... literally. I took the map that the mail man gave me and drove by the NASA training complex again the other day. I'm really concerned on what he meant by Zombie Farms. If its what I think... these flesh eaters are being manufactured. For what I don't know. But if hundreds of them can come out of nowhere like they did that night I met up with the mail man...then disappear so quickly....well, they must have some kind of retrieval device set up to bring em' home so fast.
At any rate.. there's more now then there was last week and the news is just blowing them all off like they don't exist. I need more people. More ammunition. More food. More luck.


  1. Things are pretty quiet here right now. You can hear some gunshots from the prison across the freeway from our house from time to time, but I think the snow and sub freezing temperatures are managing to keep them at bay. Can't help but jump everytime I hear the tree outside our window scratch the glass. My daughter, Rhyan makes sure we are careful to lock every door and window before we go to bed each night.

  2. I can hear the sirens now......taking everyone to the basement for the next few hours. Will post after it gets quiet.