Saturday, February 19, 2011

2.19.2011 Zombie Outbreak in Deer Park

So I'm working with Larry last night and we hear the siren go off. Usually the only time you hear it is when some chemical was released at one of the plants near by. Just a precaution they'll sound it off. Tonight was different... First it was the siren, then an immediate phone call from the Deer Park police department. "Lock the gates if you haven't already, there has been a zombie outbreak in our town." Not the most comforting news. When I went out, I could hear them moaning in the dark. How they got so close so fast I'll never know. Like they were dropped off to devour what they could till their ride came back. So, while I was out... I took the liberty of recording with my phone.
Now I'm at home. Safe. Family's asleep and I've been playing video games. The outbreak only lasted an hour or so till the ASMZ came and saved the day...or the night in this case. I'll try to get more next time, but my phone was dying while I was shutting the gate.. Oh well. I hope your all safe and sound.
Oh, this weekend there is a rally in Houston. I guess people are pissed so many of the Senate is resigning due to the well known Zombie Cover up in the government these days. I wonder if they'll go to the media...
Till later. Peace.

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