Friday, February 18, 2011


2AM. At work. Just to recap, my coworker came back. His name is Larry. Older dude. Quiet. He has a secret though. He showed me the bottom drawer in his tool box. This man is a seasoned zombie killer. He too was approached by an ex-ASMZ member, who swiftly was eaten off shortly there after. I will be keeping my eye on ol'Larry.
Another thing I noticed was.... there is a group of Zombie Gypsies that's out there bagging the heads of these walkers and blinding them, Robbing them, then placing them in poor communities. The bad thing is, these neighborhoods break out in bloody violence. You know as well as I do the military never shows up to help them. The funny thing is... they paint faces on the bags. A little morbid comic relief to keep the media buzzing.
BTW... did you see the way the government placed Zombies on the border to handle the illegals? They tried to deny it but the locals say the cartels were hiding in their homes reporting the ASMZ's vans dropping zombs off at night...
Anyway, its my shift to take watch outside. I love my job...
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