Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2.16.2011 puzzle pieces

K. So let me put some of this together. I have just a moment while my wife and oldest son are out. My youngest son is asleep on the couch(sofa). This dude was some sort of rogue crusader that has been eye balling me and my family for who knows how long. Says that we are the best at what we do... and we are. Zombie killing has become somewhat of an art form in my family. Anyway, this map he stuffed in my hand apparently leads to the back of the NASA training center. That's a few miles away. Already its a headache. The wildest thing is the mention about it being a Zombie Farming Point. That's a new one. I'll go by the area tomorrow and see what I can see without getting out of my Soob. Also, where the hell did so many zombs come out of nowhere last night? I mean, either NASA is just completely over run with those creeps or they must have them on tap. The Zombie guard dogs was a nice touch I might add. Too bad for the mail man. I'm sure he had more information to give up before he was shredded into 8 pieces. Really gotta watch your back these days. Zombies are slow and annoyingly loud. If they sneak up behind you...well, your just not in the game to win.
On a lighter note. Obama laid out his tax cuts for America. Doing some good I'm sure, and really pissing a lot of people off at the same time. I mean, how can you tax every fire arm in the house...individually, when you need them to stay alive these days? Everyone knows the Zombs are government manufactured. They're just not owning up to it.  Next thing you know they'll be taxing all the ammunition. There seems to be no way out of the toilet bowl. Maybe I can get a job for the ASMZ?? j/k....... They're as bad as the government.

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