Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2.15.2011 Rendezvous at NASA

I had the weirdest night. I decided to ride my bike and stay quiet. It's much faster than any zombies. Along with my 9 millimeter I brought a baseball bat that I've been dying to use. I was able to get really close because I used a bicycle. The man who left the note was there waiting for me already. He handed me a map that leads to the backside of NASA. He told me he was watching me and my family, And we were the most successful zombie killers he had seen. This place he showed me on the map was going to be the next zombie farming point. He was  a really short and nervous man. After he showed me the place on the map he grabbed his bag and told me he used to work for the ASMZ. I got on my bike and started riding away with the map in my pocket. I got about 12 pedals away when this guy yells, " Wait there's 1 more thing!". I stopped my bike and turned around to see a horde of zombie dogs surround and attack him. They must have been security dogs. They came out of nowhere. And behind the dogs came hundreds of zombies. It looked like they were coming out of the ground, like an old horror movie. Stumbling and moaning out loud they made their way towards the guy (who wasn't even a guy anymore). I was shocked to see how many zombies there were. It was such a clear night 15 minutes ago. I pedaled and I'm home now. Safe. Puzzled.
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  1. ps... my 9 mm was locked up that whole time. Good thing I brought that Louisville Slugger. Could have been a rough night... out.