Saturday, February 12, 2011

2.11.2011 WEDDING

In San Antonio now. My brothers wedding was today. Luckily there was not one Zombie in sight. It was outside. Beautiful day. The only action was on the way here. There was a jail a few miles east of Seguin TX that let loose. On the news it said it was the trustees that started this attack. Seems they arrested someone that turned 'after' they put him in the public holding cell. After he turned, his whole cell became infected. They grabbed a trustee that was trying to squeeze thru the hallway. He got infected, then he attacked some officers who made their way to the front. Zombies started gushing out of the police station. Caused a farmer to wreck into the side of the building. Truck caught on fire, sending flaming Zombies out to town. Any way. The dude on the radio made it sound pretty comical. But when we had half charred zombie officers stumble into your car during bumper to bumper freeway traffic .....well....its not the funniest thing in the world. Again...lock your car doors out there. Sighing out.
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