Thursday, February 10, 2011

2.10.2011 SLACKER

I know, I know. I said i'd keep it hot but there was a....well.... something happened. After work, I stopped at the convenient store to get some gas for the jeep. It was really cold so im jumping up and down, making a small scene at 4 in the morning at my little gas pump. Thats when I heared the worst zombie moan ever. It was coming from across the street. Underneath an over pass. He must have seen me moving around. I knew I was his target cause he turned his direction towards me almost immediately. I saw the gas ticker flicking as fast as it could. I wished it would tick faster but it was slow. The zomb got closer and closer as my tank filled up. The handle clicked and I hung it up, got in the jeep and turned it on never taking my eyes off the walking mess. He was too. One of the more decomposed ones ive seen so far. He must have been one of the ones from the community fire earlier. I say he. It could have been a she. I'll go with he.
Well, my heaters on and i'm watching this slop with legs make his way to the center of the road when BAM! A big huge ASMZ bus runs right into it. It was like a red powder container got squeezed. There must have been ice on the road but the bus wasn't able to slow down or stop. It ran into the zombie and crammed face first into the underpass wall, flipping it over. The back door swung open on impact and out flew a hand full of those disgusting things. I sat in my jeep and watched the whole thing. This dude from the ASMZ staggered out with his white coat and mask on. He didn't make it too far.  There were too many of them. I heard some loud bangs behind me and looked in the side mirror. The convenient store was locking up. Slamming huge metal sliding covers over the store windows and door. I could take a hint. Exit stage left. Sorry for not having any pix to elaborate. But when the undead are pouring out of a short bus you know its time to hit the road. So I did. I had to exit and drive right by the scene. It 'was' gory, but what isn't these days right? Plus, the media desensitized us long ago.
Anyway, I'm at home now, getting ready for bed. My wife and two boys are up, getting ready for the day. My oldest has 27 markers on his wall. That's just this month alone. I guess the zombies are getting thicker around here. Not too worried though. My family was made for this.

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