Sunday, January 23, 2011


 Sorry for the lapse in time there. Its hard to tweet while im blowing zombies out of my way. We were caught in the IRS building for a few hours. The problem was the transiants. Well....the zombiants as I like to call them. They seem to be a bigger threat just in numbers alone. There are alot more in Houston than I thought there were. Word has it that they all congregate around Dowling and Jefferson. If thats the case, then there's got to be hundreds from there alone. There were tents and campfires set up before the ZA started (Zombie Apocolypse).
 So anyway, my wife and I were stuck on the first floor. Our car was just outside where the guns were. We were forced to run to the IRS building just as soon as we left the ammo outlet. There were a few hot shots that ran out guns blazing. They were the first to come back as zombies...
We waited for a window and I ran out to grab the guns. They were both laying in the back of the Subaru. I popped the hatch back and grabbed one. Just as I went to grab the second, three zombs appeared from the left side of the car. I had to bolt. I left the hatchback open and ran back to the building..
 Sucked. We sat it out and only had to blast a few of them for us to get home. I think though that i'll be installing spikes on the the Subaru soon. Sweet.
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  1. Dude,r u still out there? I'm in Utah and this epidemic is starting to hit hard.