Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hope the holidays are awesome for you all. The new Intel that I've been gathering will be posted soon on the site. The new year will bring lots of new surprises that I know you'll all want to be a part of so spread the infection by telling your friends. Zombies outnumber us 20/1 on average so we have our work cut out for us next year. Be safe and load those shotguns. Join the Eddie Rotten and ZFC WORLD Facebook sites and get behind the scene story decisions before they hit the site. Remember, you are in control of your own character here! Get ready for HELL!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


JIG said...

Nine On nine Makes Eighteen. More OR less I still Eat the Same.It is never said whether or not My Heart has valUe. Read beTween the lines~

Decipher and report

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


These few, tHeY REad, Catering ONly To Red. Otherwise Lilacs wouLd become lIlies. i Never reGret My choicEs i can only hope -JIG

I just got a text message from STAR. She is the one that showed up mysteriously at the GYPSY GROUP compound to help fight against the ASMZ. 

Could this really be a mixed message from JIG? I want to believe it but.. They saw him KILL so many people the day of the attack!?! 

And if this 'is' JIG somehow trying to reach me with a message:



His message was received and read. I still don't trust him. I don't know what he's getting at.  (My wife just got up. I heard the shotgun cock and the toilet flush)

JIG has been an asset to the zombie resistance movement for so long, I get caught up and forget the pain he caused at the GYPSY GROUP compound. Why would he do that just for some stupid Intel? What are they looking for that's so important? The only thing that I can put together is that, when Lord Micah (frequency scientist) put together most of the pieces to create a frequency machine powerful enough to open a portal, or wormhole... maybe they have the missing pieces? I don't know... I'm concerned with everyone now. The good guys... the bad guys. The focus on killing zombies comes and goes, but wrapping my mind around all this other crap is driving me crazy!

Captain LC confirmed that the blueprints to Lord Micah's discoveries about the frequency machine were missing. Obviously stolen from the compound. Frequency changes can alter the 'will' of zombies. This 'golden vest' that Lord Micah discovered from the Bible is being used as a frequency beacon.. I believe he called it an EPHOD,, or some weird name like that. So doing the math... you need the vest to create a certain frequency to either create a crap load of power, or... open some kind of portal. (the portal thing still sounds retarded to me)

But what in hell does anyone need that kind of energy for? Enough energy to literally open a worm hole in time and space... I just dont get it..

I just got a text from Eric, Ace of Spades and the rest of the crew. They just landed in New York. Funny thing... After I booked the tickets for their flight I just went back and double checked their profiles on Facebook. There is one called ZFC MCALLEN. I looked and looked and finally found something...... interesting. These....zombie killers. These mercinaries for the GYPSY GROUP, are kids!

No disrespect.. kids these days (as you know) are the back bone of our surviving communities. They are the ones you dont see. But just when a zombie comes to rip a hole in your neck, its always some punk kid you yelled at a million times to get off your lawn, that happens to have a gun buried in that zombies skull.. Never underestimate the talents of our youth. They're not burned out like some of us. They have no fear.  All though. These guys are pretty funny. Each post they leave on Facebook has hilarious banter that goes joyfully back and forth between them. You can tell they are young, but you cant tell how serious they are about bringing justice back to Captain LC and the GYPSY GROUP.  Hell... Thats probably how they want it.


Captain LC contacted me again. He said the compound is a total loss. The zombies have moved in and any thing else worth scavenging for is just too risky. It hurts to know that so much hard work is all burned to the ground. What hurts even more is that not one magazine, not one radio broadcast or news channel covered the assault JIG and his blessed ASMZ members brought down on the innocent members of the GYPSY GROUP. I do know this though, Captain LC wont forget this action against the resistance. There is a long line of dead bodies found toward those who have crossed the GYPSY GROUP in the past... zombie or not.

I'm at home  now. Obviously at my computer. Its.... 5:06 a.m. The crew of 4 left around 4:30 this morning on a flight towards the UK. They should have a flight exchange in New York... so they are in the air now, crunching peanuts and that godforsaken Canada Dry they always serve. Just after they left, I received an odd message from someone on Twitter that calls himself, 'The Real JIG'. Just seeing that name pisses me off. I know many of you other zombie fighters out there can feel me on this. JIG is the new house hold name for traitors. The one name you wont let your kids say any more. The main reason so many died in the GYPSY GROUP compound. Gritting my teeth... I read on.

These few, tHeY Read, Catering ONly To Red. Otherwise Lilacs wouLd become lIlies. i Never reGret My choicEs i can only hope -JIG

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Its only been 4 hours and a lifetime of phone calls, twitter and facebook updates have been made.

I wanted to formally thank the new ZFC leaders of our very importan blog. ERIC, BIANCA, AND THE ACE OF SPADES! Out of this motley crue of three, I dont think Bianca knew she was going to be a zombie fighter at all. Sort of....thrown into the mix of bad asses through contacts on Facebook. My hats off to her though. During the battele at the GYPSY GROUP's compound, these three really stepped up and put a hammer down on the ASMZ.

Their fight will be told in the years to come. The intel that JIG took back to the UK with him was very important. I cant stress that enough. Captain LC has been in meetings all morning and I havent been able to get ahold of him. But i'll cover what he said about the stolen intel. In my last post, I mentioned a golden vest, and a portal that could (or couldn't) be opened to another time or place, that powers a frequency machine that could control the human existance. Sounds like a lot I know. Im having a hard time with it my self.

I've got questions too. How is it that all this is just coming to a head? All year long, from my first post in January, I've been perfecting my skills as a zombie fighter. I've done everything I can to put together the best, strongest, and smartest ZFC's across the world. I feel like i've done my part. Now... I find out that it's not even really about zombies? I refuse to accept any of that. The Golden Vest that i've talked about turns out to be a device called the URIM and THUMMIM. The egyptians used this.....thing... to converse with who they believed to be GODS. It was believed to glow brightly when the GODS were near it, giving off emmense power and energy. This 'energy' is what the ASMZ and other governments around the world are trying to attain to power their frequency machine. Again... I know how dumb it sounds, but what am I supposed to do? This is all I have to go off of you know?

So, as it stands... The GYPSY GROUP is relocating. Since the battle, zombies have come in and made a mess of things. The ASMZ naturally wont help them. So zombies have made it their new home. I feel sorry for the families of College Station. My prayers go out to them in this time as they fight the flesh eaters. As strong as the community is there, I hope they will be able to defeat the even stronger zombies. Captain LC will return my calls as soon as he can im sure. He has alot on his plate, but dont we all? I heard from other GYPSY GROUP members that during the battle, Captain LC single handedly took out several of the ASMZ himself. Using pocket knives. He was always crafty at fighting. They said he had pocket knives stashed all over his person and when he came out of his office, people started dropping. He wasn't hurt but he lost lots of men and women of the compound.

There was talk of another person killing off the ASMZ. But no one really got a good look at who it was. They know it was a woman, and that her weapons ranged from Samurai swords to what looked like a double barreled AK-47. Do they make those? I can tell you this though... I recieved a letter at my front door thanking me for accepting their membership with our secret organization. (not too secret anymore eh?) She said that she works alone, that she will show up at her discression during different battles to help fight off either zombie or ASMZ. She finally said that our communication over Facebook and Twitter is what 'awakened' her to the problems of the world. "ZOMBIES WILL BE THE FIRST TO FALL" is what she said. At the bottom of her letter, was signed STAR.

I hope to hear from her soon either on Twitter or Facebook, either way, Im glad to have another helping hand. This whole thing seems to be spiralling out of control and we can use all the help we can get.

To track down JIG in the UK, we've sent Eric, Bianca and The Ace of Spades. Their specialties will be needed in this 'new' territory. JIG was tracked through Twitter with the help of some hackers, working for the GYPSY GROUP. I wish them luck, as they are not on familiar ground anymore. The intel they are looking for has special locations, frequency numbers, new weapons, and food storage preparation sites, all important to our movement. I hope they can retrieve what they've been sent for. And as for JIG, im still holding out that he's not a complete douche. His messages are scrambled and in my history with him, they dont sound like....'HIM' if that makes any sense.

Either way, It was definetly him that was blasting GYPSY GROUP members away at the compound. He will be hard to find and even harder to take intel from when the time comes. So, I wish them all the luck in the world. Their orders are to detain at most. Not to shoot to kill. I still have faith in JIG, even if things are completely jacked up right now.

There is some really disturbing zombie outbreaks in my neighborhood lately too. As soon as my shift ends and I make it home, i'll report more on that. In the mean time, I have been sharpening my chainsaw blades, sword blades, bayonette blades...anything with a blade, here at my machine shop. Its safe here. They want me to work a weekend shift. I gotta say... its tempting. I would have more time with my family, and i'd be coming home at night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday would be my work days. Its a thought. Maybe with the extra time, I could build the worlds ZFC's to what they're supposed to be.

Finally, my deal with Itunes is a reality now. Soon, hopefully the first part of next year, EDDIE ROTTEN and the ZOMBIES should be out for people to check out. Cant say everything, but the audio should be eye openening. Cant say any more right now. You understand

Eddie Rotten



Im at work now. Sunday morning. Burned out.

Just like always, there is so much going on, its hard to pin point a starting point you know? I'll start with the forementioned, Im burned out.

My wife's birthday was yesterday. We had a good one. With the economy and zombies the way they are, its hard to do everything I wanted. Most events have been cancelled due to the number of zombies growing in my city. Im sure its the same everywhere. Matter of fact, the last outbreak was reported by the local news channel, but not aired. I was there to witness zomibes attacking the patrons at the Kemah Boardwalk near the NASA Space Center. People were doing the usual, running with their screams heard miles away. Only a few were willing to fight. The news trucks were there until a small riot broke out and tipped one of them over. The news reporters were inside. Dont know if they ever made it out alive. Either way, I never saw the broadcast on T.V. Maybe its all for the best. Covering up the lies and deceit of the zombie growing government seems easier than confronting how large the problem really is.

Speaking of 'PROBLEM'. There is news that I need to talk to you all about. It might be a long post, so if your in a position to grab some coffee and curl up on the sofa with a blanket... now's the time. Your Christmas tree wont mind the company ;)

If you have been following my tweets lately, you know that there is a HUGE upset in the community over a mole that we found out about. The GYPSY GROUP has been in contact with me and let me know that the insider has been reporting back to the ASMZ for an undisclosed amout of time. I dont know exactly how much intel this person was able to bring back to the ASMZ, but I do know that its enough to cause all of us RESISTANCE people to have to install double locks on our doors. Anybody out there with extra food storage or guns, you probably know what Im talking about.

The mole was a good friend to us all. He had set up a ZFC command center in the UK several months ago. He has been a friend to all the zombie fighting community on Facebook as well as our family on Twitter. His name is JIG. If you have any questions about him just look in the ZOMBIE RESEARCH bar on the side of my website and type his name in. All the posts that have anything to do with him will pop up.

Captain LC called me the other night, saying that there has been a breech. JIG has been taking intel back to his leaders at the ASMZ, leading to a complete relocation of the GYPSY GROUP. For starters, this is a VERY BAD THING. Captain LC has set up a whole community there in College Station and the relocation of their group will be a staggering set back to our fight against the zombie outbreaks and government take over.

He had some pretty harsh words for me on the phone. He said that my 'friendship' with people on Twitter was too open, and that my information was spewing too freely to people I dont truley know. I understand what he's saying, especially after finding out that JIG, a once believed good friend of mine, was the traitor. But in my defence, I... or my family, dont work for anybody. And my ZFC was the first in the world. I do appreciate Captain LC's position though. If I hadn't been so open with JIG on Twitter, we might have been able to same some of the information he went back to the ASMZ with.

The information we think he stole had to do directly with the research Lord Micah was doing. And now that the information is gone, we cant very well say its 'secret' anymore. So, I was instructed to tell all of you out there, what exactly the research was.

In some of my past posts, I mentioned a section of the Bible where there were verses telling of how to make a special GOLDEN vest. This vest and the gold it was made out of was Lord Micah's research. All partaining to vibrational frequencies that helped generate power and control the 'will' of zombies. Since the zombies in all areas were getting so vicioulsy hungry and violent, a frequency was developed that can change the direction of the zombies WILL. The over all fear, was that this weapon could eventually be used on civilians, changing our will to do things that we didnt want to. Im rambling off course.... The power that this golden vest could generate was what was in question. The GYPSY GROUP and Lord Micah both told me that the power the vest could generate, coupled with other elements (stones with special heiroglyphs) could potentially create whats called a void, or black hole... or what scientist call a portal. Whats on the other side of the portal we dont know, but it all sounds so SCI FY to me. I dont know what to believe any more.

I am really good at fighting zombies. Organizing groups to fight agains the growing military take over of our cities... and im pretty good at cooking scrambled eggs in the morning. But golden vests that produce powerful portals to God knows where? At some point, i've got to call BS. And that doesn't stand for Bachelor of Science.

The GYPSY GROUP reported a large number of fatalities around the time JIG left thier compound. He apparantely brought several ASMZ members with him from the UK when they skillfully infultrated the walls of the GYPSY GROUP. JIG and two others were the only ones that left alive, but they left with lots of intel. We lost a lot of men and woment that day, from both sides. And there wasn't a zombie sighted. Thats a sign things are getting worse. Humans killing humans is what were supposed to be getting away from. Zombies are supposed to be the target. But now.... I dont know. It's just depressing that were fighting against each other still. And the fact that they have JIG with them now... just doesn't make sense. I cant seem to put it together.

JIG, if your out there... reading this... I know somenthings up man. Lots of people died by your hand brother. If you come clean now, I might be able to help. But you have to return your intel.

Thats all for now. I have more, but im pissed.

Eddie Rotten Out

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learning the Frequency of ZOMBIES PART 2

I would have posted this earlier, but I had a little run in with our neighborhood ASMZ snitch. I was getting my mail out of the mail box (with shot gun in hand) and I was approached by an obvious pro-ASMZ civilian.

"You cant just walk around with that shot gun", he said with the most snide and vicious voice you have ever heard. "I'm going to call the ASMZ and they will take you away from your family, with one snap of my finger!" He says.

I usually find humor in jack asses like this. Especially when they are so animated. In my peripheral, I noticed 3 zombies... dragging their rotting flesh towards us. Not close enough for me to run or shoot, but I saw them.

"Don't you know, that the ASMZ helped push the law saying they can take you, when ever they want. They can put you in jail.... for what ever they want... they can even KILL you... if they feel like they neeeeeed to!?" This person screeched out these words with vile contempt towards me.

My humor was gone. His finger was cold when it poked me. Even through my shirt and jacket, I could feel the hate from with in.

"You think you know, whats coming do you?" He said. "You think you and all your......minions, can handle us all? Well, you cant. They will find you GUILTY and take you away!"

I don't kill neighbors. At least until they turn into zombs. So I decided to take my mail in and come back out, hoping for a little revenge on the neighborhood ASMZ snitch.. He was gone. Just my luck. The rotting zombies were directly in front of my house now, shuffling and snorting uncontrollably. I grabbed my crossbow to make the killings interesting, but my fun was intercepted by two boys that lived in the apartments next door.

2nd floor up. Open window. The two boys hung out with a device in their hands, and it looked like nothing more than a cell phone. I couldn't figure out what they were doing exactly, but as soon as those flesh eaters were in range, those two young boys popped em' quick with a 25 cal.

I yelled from across my yard "Whatchyou got there kid?" He held up an ordinary smart phone. "Did you 'call' the zombies over here with that?" I yelled again. The kids both smiled and nodded as they put the guns behind them. "Will you show me?" I asked.

Both boys waved me over. "HEY, YOUR THE GUY, with the app on the market right?" One spoke down to me. "Yes" I replied. "You don't know how to call zombies?" The one boy questioned down to me again. "No...I don't."

"Your the best zombie killer ever, and you don't know how to 'call' zombies?" The boy questioned me with a smart ass laugh boiling behind his voice. "Son, will you show me?" I replied.

"Its just a Simple Simon app on my phone" the boy said. Then I heard a woman's voice. Screaming, "What did I tell you about that gun! You boys aren't old enough to play with such things! Your going to kill yourselves!" It went on and on. It had to be mom.

The two boys ducked back into the window and disappeared. There I was, Crossbow in hand and wondering... "Simple Simon?"

I'll take it up with Frequency Scientist Lord Micah. I'm sure he'll have answerer's. And that way I can report back to Lokey on possible ways to actually 'call' zombies.

Speaking of 'reporting'. There are a few people that I should definitely mention. These are acquaintances that I met through Twitter originally, but with the EDDIE ROTTEN FACEBOOK page up now, there are lots of people messaging me their status..

Check this out: Lonah is the name. I don't know much more than that, but I respect all zombie killers that are willing to make themselves known. We are few but what we do makes up for what others dont. Here's what we have. All the way from Ontario Canada. WOW! First off, thank you for your service up there. Join the site or throw your name in the email blast on the side of the website page so you can get automatic updates. I went through a quick post she left on the EDDIE ROTTEN FACEBOOK PAGE that says she loves her AK-47 and her back up is... well, i'll let you read in her words:
I'm from Hamilton Ontario Canada. My weapon of choice is my trusty AK-47. My side arm is a Tachi sword. Said to have been forged by Masamune - one ...of the greatest sword smiths in the world. Known to create some of the sharpest swords known to man. The status in the area is palpable at best. Things are rapidly getting worse and I have a family to protect. Including a new baby and I will be damned if I'm not around to see her grow up in a z-head free world! For that and many other reasons I must find more people out there like me....People like!

You can tell she's a seasoned zombie killer, just shy about it. We'll get more from her and her friends as she spreads the news. And I'm sure her street name will be made known as her updates become more frequent. THANK YOU AGAIN LONAH!

Finally for the newbs, there is Eric and Daniel. Last I heard they were looking into a library, that had information concerning frequencies and secret human experiments.. Ugh.. Glad I'm not on that duty. I am anxious to see what they found though..

In the  mean time, I'll quickly cover what the ASMZ has been up to and get off this thing. My fingers are crampin' up.

A video has been leaked by a known group called LEGION, or ANONYMOUS. They are, or seem to be in control of well......everything. Since our law has changed (as we all for-saw) the government has the right to take us, jail us, extinguish us. The new law passed right under our noses. The zombies were used as deterrents. Their plan worked. We still have the problem of zombies, and it grows harder and harder each day. And with this new SUPER COMMITTEE law that passed, it will be even harder to kill those flesh eating bastards! 

Here's what the GYPSY GROUP passed down to me a few days ago.. now all over YOUTUBE:

Be careful out there

Learning the Frequency of ZOMBIES PART 1

Not sure why, but none of the Russian ZFC leaders are stepping up to let us know whats going on over there. We have lost all contact, even with the leaders we knew. I hope they're OK.

Zombies. That's what this freakin' thing started out as. I wanted to fight them and get word out about them, so what better way to do it than start a blog... about fighting zombies? So, I start one. Then the ASMZ (American Science Military for Zombies) takes over and makes everything....well.... harder.

Now its all politics. Zombies still run everywhere. The news doesn't report it. Hell, nobody reports it. I'm sticking to my guns though. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, I've found solid zombie fighters all over the world.. But the zombies still come.

Just last night I had a 'near miss'. Its what I get too trying to help out the homeless. I was reaching to give away my last two quarters and the lady replied... "That's all you got?" Ummm... I went to dig in my other pocket when I was interrupted by the ladies arm being ripped off. The zombie came from behind a bush.. almost silently hiding. I had never seen any zombie like this before, and if your familiar with my posts, I've seen em' all. This thing was hungry. Not pausing for me to fight it, and not trying to attack me. Just feeding off the immediate. She didn't stand a chance. The zombie knocked the change from my hand too (that I never found). I actually had the time to slowly back away... slowly.

Well, I have to be careful around the homeless from now on. It is a new family rule. Seriously... We talked about it over breakfast the other morning.

I have a BUTT LOAD to cover, so I'll try to make it easy to skim through, as I know most of you zombie fighters have 'better' things to kill.. I mean do. ;)

I'll start with my final hours with the GYPSY GROUP leader, Captain LC. If you've kept up, I mentioned that Captain LC was an old buddy of mine. Then, and in face to face conversation I call him Lokey. But no one else does. And if you meet him.. it'll be Captain LC, thanks.

I asked him to explain the odd markings that I noticed around the neighborhood. Street signs that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs, and weird shaped numbers that seemed to be smeared on the street signs in blood. He told me that the GYPSY GROUP had long been working on a project that involved Lord Micah and his knowledge of frequencies. Its pretty hairy stuff, and honestly I haven't come to accept it as fact yet, but I'll let you know what the project is any way.

Lord Micah has pieced together what seems to be some kind of 'portal'. There are so many details, but in the end, the ASMZ has the missing pieces to what could be the biggest find in all of mankind. Now, your question is probably the same as mine was... "What the hell does that have to do with zombies?"

If you remember, the SILVER DISCS were all frequency based. Every zombie in that area was controllable by certain frequencies. Hell, the EMP gun that we stole from NASA has its own frequency that, when we blast the zombs, it deters their appetite away from us and toward animals. Not for long, but long enough for us to either regroup or get the crap outta' dodge!

I'm veering off course. The markings. The signs I noticed around the GYPSY GROUP Colony were indeed signs that, are believed to be used to hone certain frequencies. The only way to create the frequencies are if they are scribed in a perfect manner on special stones.. See, that's what I mean... Waaaaay too sci-fi right? Stick with me.

Lord Micah believes that when all the parts are together, including what the ASMZ is believed to have, a portal will open. Then, that's all Lokey could tell me... sucks I know. But its good cause now I have a reason to go back and get more Intel.  He did tell me one thing though. That Lord Micah, though he was no Biblical scholar, said that the ingredients to part of the portal machine were found 'in' the Bible. Exodus Chapter 28.

I'll look that up when my hands aren't so blood stained. Who wants to thumb through the Holy pages with remnants of a zombie war on you right? I need a shower.

The numbers that looked like they were smeared on, well, Lokey said they 'were' smeared on. When they found the abandon community, they knew it was the best place to set up command center. In the beginnings (8 months ago) they went to paint numbers on the signs, delegating where to find commanders and supplies. But then, before their community was fenced in, the zombs gave them troubles. Most of the smeared numbers are reminders of the fallen GYPSY GROUP members that fought so hard for us all.

Lokey reminded me that the zombies are getting worse. My interaction with people on Facebook and Twitter are critical to fining new, strong, fearless ZFC leaders. I assured him I was doing everything I could to grow our zombie fighting community globally. But its not easy.

All people want to hear is about Occupy this or that. Who's running in the GOP. What government conspiracy is hot for that day.... The focus on killing zombies is almost so underground, we aren't even paid attention to. The ASMZ drops em' off, and we kill em'.

We have to. If not, they multiply... then there's more to kill.

our world ended long ago."


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You wouldn't know it, but the Russian ZFC'S are really making a difference.  They are quiet though. They never report on how bad the outbreak is there.  And the only news we get is what we see on TV. So basically none.

The GYPSY GROUP helped me organize an outreach program, that would help us stay in touch better, but its really in their hands.

Some have told me that they are quiet because of the accusation they attained that their Nuclear Submarine is what caused the original earthquake,  causing so much damage to Japan.

We still wait on the concluding story on that. Either way, we need the RUSSIAN ZFC'S to come forward. We need to work together. My Intel tells me that the Russians have information that can help with our questions about the coming FREQUENCY CHANGE.

This is me. Eddie Rotten.  Leader of the Houston ZFC.  Anyone reading from RUSSIA, comment below and help us here in the U.S. We will all Survive if we work together.

We need to know how bad the ASMZ is there.




We talked more. Lokey and I hadn't talked like this in years. Where we had both been, our journey up till now, everything was a mystery to both of us until this reunion. Our meeting was inevitable. He told me of many many great things that were happening in the resistance movement. He said that zombies are harder than ever to kill now in his area. But people are resilient. No one wants to become a victim by zombie. At first the fear took everyone by surprise, causing people to scream and cower rather than fight back. Now, there are groups of people willing to fight off the zombies.

The real problem lurking in our world is the ASMZ. Their power has become dangerous. The Gypsy Group and ZFC'S around the world are doing a good job at organizing strong, brave zombie fighters. But the ASMZ and CANARY GROUPS have the backing and funding from the governments. We just don't have those kind of resources.

He told me about his earlier warning. The self named SUPER CONGRESS is trying to convince people that martial law is whats needed to control the growing terrorism in America. Zombie farms is a dying term compared to terrorism by zombie. If this law is passed, the military will be able search, arrest, or kill anyone they want, when ever they want.

Lokey spoke of the days to come. He says that the government has an agenda to merge us all into agreeing with MARTIAL LAW or having a POLICE STATE.


He said that there are key people to stick close to on TWITTER also. The words of @CdnZmbiRytr, are prophetic. He said specifically for me to go back home and tell all the ZFC'S around the world to pay close attention to this blog. For blogs like this are the most accurate in these last days. There are more to show, but work is being done on their sites. I told him I knew personally of that blog, and I was friends with @jamieJIGtuffen and @Kaleb_2011. He was impressed and shared a smile and a nod...

This all was so overwhelming to me. It started to show because I had the dropped jaw, deer in the headlights look. He smiled and organized his paperwork. He asked about LORD MICAH, how we knew each other and so on. We shared childhood memories that nobody would ever know about. Those times of the past were so educational to what we are part of today.

Lokey, or Captain LC, said there is more that needs to be discussed. But for now, we should celebrate my safe arrival. I was still in shock, but his kindness reminded me of how things used to be. I would like to bring my family back there some day soon. My wife would love the ease and happiness of the people there in that 'safe community'.

I'll post again, when I have energy. My heater broke down during the past few days. Its cold outside and my hands get numb too fast when I try to beat off zombies, to look at the a/c unit on the side of my house. I'll probably just call an electrician. They have the best life insurance policies these days.....



Hello Eddie. Its me again,Daniel. Eric wanted to know what time do we go to the Library cause its close to were he lives.So...Eric's team is heading out to the Library,we need your permission.
any time will work. please be careful. I got word from other ZFC leaders that its pretty bad in your sector. 
please report soon.
Eddie Rotten

Monday, November 28, 2011



Where was I.. Yes, the leader. I was lead into this neighborhood full of twists and turns. As I rode deeper and deeper into the labrynth on my motorcycle, I started to notice things that were most uncommon to anything I had witnessed until now. Each road had a name, just as any road would. But it wasn't just a name, it was a design. A logo. A character.

Some of them looked like hyroglyphs, others looked like a smeared number. It was all odd to me and shook me as being something I was supposed to try to catalog as I fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I arrived at the house. And I called it that because clearly on the mail box outside it said, 'The House'. I was surrounded by helpful happy faces that welcomed me.There were no zombies to see or hear. This was a completely secluded and safe place. I was told that while I spent time inside with 'Captain LC', my motorcycle and belongings would be watched after. I was again greeted at the door, and welcomed inside. I was offered a drink and a seat on the most comfortable couch I had ever been on.

There was a pool table that some Gypsy's were playing on, people were talking and laughing in another part of the open room. I hadn't seen this type of friendship since before the zombies. Its been a while. I missed it, and wished my family was with me to experience this type of hospitality and one-ness.

After a moment, the person that I followed to this 'safe house' walked in and took his jacket off. "Hey, follow me and we'll get you up to date". I got up and followed this kind person with a kind face into an office that looked more like a room with weights and a movie playing on the small flat screen. I sat down and realized that the person I had followed, the person that so graciously invited me into the home was him. It was Captain LC.

He extended his hand and shook mine. "Eddie, dont you remember me? Dont you remember the days back in Bay City when we caused problems with the authority? Do you not remember the time I stood as your Representing Lawyer when you were thrown in jail? Its me, Lokey."

I squinted and looked past the cuts and years we had between us. It was him. It was my friend from my youth. Lokey. He. Him.

It was my friend that was so notorious with the ASMZ. The Government and other rogue groups that wanted all resistance members gunned down.

I couldnt help but tear up. It had been so long. Before I could get totally comfortable, he disarmed me of all my guns and knives for safety. "We have to be sure we both are still solid with the resistance... you understance im sure." He said with a kind smile.

Lokey was my running buddy for many MANY different missions when we were young. Before zombies were even a question, Lokey and I ran with a special group in Bay City Tx that helped uncover the conspiracy behind gangs and police. We were, for a lack of better words.. unwelcome by the end of our High School years. So, we split up our operation and kept in contact for as long as we could until, one day... silence.

Years past and we hadn't heard from each other. My family mentioned sometimes, that they heard rumors about his location but thats as far as anyone else knew. There was clearly alot catch up on, but those things needed to be delt with later.

For now, it was good to see him. Lokey. Imagine that.

He filled me in on key things that would blow your mind that I will get into over then next few posts. Things that alter our reality, things about 2012 and aspects of Martial law that were put off until a later date. The 'DATE OF REASON'. He told me that in the final week of November 2011, a law will be decided on that gives the military and police of the US full rights over any citizen, to arrest, detain, beat, or kill if they are suspect.

"I hate to get political," he said with discust. "There are things we must go over, things that you have to go back and prepare your family for, and things that your ZFC leaders need to know. Your blog has stirred the pot a bit, and now we must deal with the people who have decided to wake up."

"Zombies are just outside the walls of this safe community, and there is a plan in the works, as we speak, that for those who oppose the STAMP of THE NEW ORDER, to be changed by frequency into the very zombies we kill each day. Used as helpless slaves to do the bidding of our controllers."

When he said this, my happiness turned into fear. I thought of my family, my dead end job as a machinist, my friends... everything. My shift is changing before the need. Again, the things he spoke with me about in that quiet room attacked my core, and I was told specifically to share them with you all.

Who ever is reading this blog, whoever is awake in the ways that you understand, you are needed.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was nervous as the next guy. I mean, meeting the leader of 'any' resistance group is a big deal. The GYPSY GROUP has been around since day one. They surfaced after the zombies were a real problem, and even after the ASMZ made it clear who was in charge. I remember when I first found out about the GYPSY GROUP. I walked outside and noticed half the zombies shuffeling on my block had those 'now trademark' happy face bags over their heads. The zombies pockets were pulled out, and chained wallets were dangling to their knees.

Oddest thing I had ever seen... well.. since zombies started eating my neighborhood. I had an interview a few months back with one of the GYPSY GROUP members. He didnt want his name out, and probably for a good reason. They GYPSY GROUP is who brings me all my intel. There are people in the community that do a good job too, but they GYPSY'S have direct and precise information about key things.

I know there is always more to know, but what they bring to the table has to be respected. On with my journey.

I left my house at around 2:00 pm on Friday. I rode my motorcycle to town and had lunch with my wife. She has protected covered parking at her job which is good. Zombies dont really have a desire to struggle or adventure out. So a ramp up into a parking lot wont excite them unless there is food. My bat was secure on my back. The pouch my son made works really well. I do have to be carefull for the nails at the end though. But yea, the bat is very effective while driving downtown Houston. One crack and the zombs go down. Especially if I'm doin' 30 or more mph. I've learned to put my face shield down on my helmet. Gets pretty messy otherwise.. Im rambling.

Lunch was good with my wife. Where she works there is an elevator that leads down into the 'basement' of Houston. Its called THE TUNNEL. Not the most welcoming place. They have huge thick doors blocking off certain areas in case of flooding, or other horrific things. Like zombies.. It was my first time down there. I noticed doors leading off down hallways that werent labeld and strange men walking around expressionless. My wife says its because they're always down there, maybe causing a social disorder? I think they're aliens.. But what do I know.

Anyway... Lunch was over and I was full. I kissed my wife and she warned me of the dangers of my journey. Thats her job. It was annoying at first but it would suck if nobody cared right?

I pulled out of Houston on my bike. Rumbling through the narrow buildings that reached the clouds. Houston was pretty despit the screaming women and bums rising from the dead. The new art of downtown were the shopping carts that are used as barracades. They can stack those things higher than I thought possible!!

I drove and drove until I reached Huntsville, the supposed capital of Texas for ZOMBIE HUNTING.. Ironony in the name right? I stopped at the gas station to fill up my bike and didn't see one zombie..... anywhere. There were no screaming people, no running children, no crazy one shot heros finally realizing that its do or die... nothing. I pumped my gas with a most uneasy feeling on my soul. I went in to pay the lady and asked what the deal was. Apparently, guns were made leagal and available to all citizens providing they werent already a risk to the community. Pot was leagal and taxed and Gambling was on the table for debate to bring in.. Everything I didn't expect. I was almost glad to get back to reality.

The road to College Station was beautiful. Hills and twists made the ride fun. There were only a few burning cars on the way. I used to wonder how in the world in apocolyptic movies, were 'all' the cars burning? Surley they didnt 'all' have bad engines? Turns out, if your going to die, or you just dont want to give back to anyone that might have survived the zombies, burn your ride. It ensures you 'not' turning into a flesh eater, and destroys all your goods.. pretty spiteful if you chose the latter. But I cant really dog on the last wishes of a human turning into a zombie

I arrived.

College Station was almost exactly how I imagined it. Lots and lots of pretty people. I started to wonder if this is why the leader of the largest zombie and government resistance group in the world chose to reside. Coinsidence? I think not.. Way too many hot people to ignore :)

I gave a quick call to my family to let them know I was there. My wife said things were quiet and happy at home, just wishes I was there. Thats good to hear in times like these. Really good. We exchanged a few inappropriate texts and agreed to check back in after my meeting with the GYPSY GROUP.

Just as I tucked my phone back in my pocket, I felt a buzz. It was my phone. I pulled it out and didnt see a number, just a message that said "DONT MOVE, STAY THERE". Not knowing the consequence of choosing either to leave or stay, I took my bike and hid behind a Credit Union building. My phone rang. I answered. The voice said to stay put and an informant would meet me there, to follow him back to the address.

Soon, a man on a bike pulled up. Kawasaki Cruiser. Nice. Loud. Louder than mine and more decked out. I was immediately jealous. Without saying anything, he pointed in a direction with two fingers. We pulled out of the parking lot of the Credit Union and made our way South down the feeder of HWY 6 in College Station. We exited approximately 4 or 5 exits from where we originated and turned into the most confusing neighborhood I've ever been in.. This is when things got hairy..



The information comes in bits and pieces. Sort of like the limbs of zombies in the wake of these two warriors. We don't know much as I said earlier, but they fight with us. Their leadership will be legendary for their community. ZOMBIE FIGHTERS PLEASE WELCOME Eric and Daniel. Turn to them for any raw training.  Report back and share your experience.  Thanks again and we all look forward to learning more about your fight not only with the ZOMBIES,  but the ASMZ as well. Send reports to EDDIEROTTEN101@GMAIL.COM.  Fight hard. KILLEM'ALL!!


ERIC got ahold of me through the comments of the blog. He is from McAllen. I'm assuming its the McAllen from TX. Close to me. I'm waiting on the whole situation of his area. Him and a friend are gathering troops, which we need desperately. Eric is a natural born leader... he has to be. The last I heard from McAllen is that zombies were trying to attack some committee in charge of the Grand Opening of the new Library there. I don't know how that went but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Nobody likes zombified Librarians.... right?

Anyway, what we really need in that area is some kind of central intelligence to cover the ongoing investigation on the Silver Disks. If you need more information on them just type 'SILVER DISK' in the side search bar of the blog and it will take you to all the posts regarding the topic.

I believe that the silver disks hold information on my theory. I think that zombies are becoming a frequency based terror weapon. In the beginning, zombies came from nowhere. At least that's what we thought. There wasn't a news broadcast saying what happened or how they are here, just that we as a people have to protect ourselves. I think that there 'was' an infection base, but where, I don't know. I'd love to find out.

Eric is my last hope for that area. McAllen is either far enough out to be safe, or far enough out to be forgotten. Lets all support his leadership. Hopefully he and his crew will be able to find out more about the frequency pulses coming from these silver disks and let us know a little more about them and how they might be affecting out zombie friends in the near future.

Now.... there is news from my trip this past weekend. I was contacted by the infamous GYPSY GROUP. They wanted me to travel to College Station for a meeting with (get this), the leader of the GYPSY GROUP RESISTANCE LEADER!

My wife thought it was B/S and I thought so too, but they gave me an address, a time and location to meet him... so I left.


Thursday, November 17, 2011




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It took more effort than it was supposed to. The axe I buried in the head of a zombie on my front lawn stood there like a beacon of rage for days. There were too many for me to just go out and get it when ever I wanted. My 'condition' was setting in though. I had to get that axe back and sharpen it. Its like having long fingernails on a dude. JUST FLIPPIN' CUT THEM!!!!

When I went to pull the axe out it reminded me of the good ol' days. 6 or 7 months ago zombies were almost laughable. Things in the world were bad, but not anywhere close to this crap. The news is almost a complete stand up joke these days. Almost not even worth mentioning.

I didn't mention it before, but I'm on vacation. Well, I call it vacation. My boss thinks I should have some "well deserved time off". I know what that means. He got ahold of my facebook page which naturally led him here. To EDDIEROTTEN.COM

I must say, it is nice having more people shake my hand on the street these days. Being known as a resistance leader against the powers that be and those that breed and horde zombies can brighten any bloody ol' day.

All the same, things are worse. Politics are making my hair turn white!!

The OCCUPY people are being framed, just as I said they would be. The news is conveniently passing over the zombies that shuffle through their camps. If they aren't going to take it from the government anymore, than they sure as hell aren't going to take it from a small group of flesh eaters. Nope. They have an agenda... not sure they know what it is but they have one.

The thing about them crapping on the ground and getting drunk and raping people is a farce. 'Course the mainstream news wont talk about it. The local Sheriffs are letting the bums out of jail early and telling them to go sleep it off at the OCCUPY camps. Its this link yo!

The GYPSY GROUP came to me the other day and shared more information on the zombies, the global take over and a bunch of other crap. I get tired of this sometimes believe me, but no one else is doing it?!? The OCCUPY GROUPS are there in place to be arrested in GROUPS. They do have a desire to make things better but unknown to them, they are being used as a pilot to see what large groups of people will do when the military steps in. I know it sounds stupid, but martial law is here in cute little doses.

The zombies are being released in larger numbers now too. Look at the attack on the white house just the other day. The ASMZ let 20 (confirmed) zombies out not but 2 blocks away from the White House to shuffle off the protesters that were marching for 'green this or green that'. The zombies failed. These officials forget who they are dealing with. As the zombies get hungrier and faster, so do the people. The zombies didn't last as long as they were supposed to so the next diversion tactic used was to have someone shoot an AK47 towards the White House.

Anything at all will be used to drive the attention away from the silent movements towards total martial law, population control by zombie, and the governments control on our money.

Speaking of money. THE BANKS WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY Take a minute to review what the GYPSY GROUP has shown me on what the global agenda really is. They are, and will use zombies as a distraction while they rob us blind.

We are trying to figure out what they need all this money for anyway. If only a few people end up having money, is there really a point to having it at all? I'm assuming we'll all come up with our own currency... some day.

I'm ranting. Back to the axe in the head of the zombie. I pulled it out and washed it off. The meat wagon came and hauled off the rest of the corpses I had on my lawn. Since my vacation, Ive taken a few hours in the day just to hone my skills a bit. I wait on the top of the house and pick them off as they enter my yard. And when I get bored, I grab my axe.

It sounds stupid but I have this fantasy that I'm a warrior. A zombie slaying warrior with nothing but furry boots and a loin cloth. I have a really sweet helmet I got from the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL a few years back too. Foot long horns. Really cool.

Anyway, I'm on vacation right? My family is gone to work and school. I suit up in my Thor outfit and grab my lumberjack axe. Its awesome. Don't laugh..... Seriously, I can feel you smirking through this post.

I'll report more as the news pours in. Thank you all for sticking around. Zombies are the way of the new world. The distraction we are all addicted to. But. They must die.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I failed to mention how pissed my wife was that I was caught. She says that times are changing and I need to change with them. She's right. All the preparation we've done as a family to prepare for Complete Martial Law fails in comparison to the number of zombies out there now.. and what they can do. The GYPSY GROUP has informants all over the planet now. We do to. Our
ZFC's are catching on. Maybe its the season. This is our first Halloween with real zombies knocking at our door. I'm anxious to see how parents are going to handle TRICK-OR TREATING this year.
Usually people stick to their own neighborhoods, or go to the mall, but since the out break in all areas its hard to know where to go... and what to do when you get there. Maybe I'll invent a candy sling shot and sit on my roof top. People can pull up and yell TRICK-OR-TREAT from the family van and i'll blast one through a window. Better yet have em' attach a basket on the roof. That would be more fun!
The OCCUPY people were the latest to be attacked by zombs. I feel sorry for them. Most of them are there thinking they are 'literally' changing the way things are done for our democracy. I wish they read more blogs like you guys out there are. Its a shame so few of us know the road that has been set up for us to stumble down. The ASMZ is taking credit... or should I say 'forced to admit' that they accidentally let loose a batch of zombies near the New York and Houston OCCUPY protesters. Yea right. I don't believe it was an accident. Do you?
First there was a complaint by the city that it cost too much for them to be there, with all the extra overtime the cops were putting in. Then the government couldn't justify the claims they were making. Unable to back up facts that the banks aren't screwing us for their own 'DEEP POCKETS' reasons. So all of the sudden, hoards of zombies show up at the 'so called' protected areas of the OCCUPY demonstrators? I think not. Its too coincidental. Zombies have been proven as population control in the past and I don't see how this is any different. 
The military moves in and takes away our rights. The ASMZ waves their flag in place of the US flag and low brows any of us who want a free democracy. Its subtle, but an effective way of moving in Martial Law and making it seem as if we need it.
Enough politics already. Ive been home for a few days now and already pissed how bad things have become.
Another interesting bit of 'what-ever'... The GYPSY GROUP came by and dropped off a time and place to meet them. I met up with them yesterday. I don't know why things are so incognito these days. Its not like the world doesn't know who we are now. I asked why they didn't just talk to me at my house? They said that during the time that I was in custody of the ASMZ, my wife politely asked them (with an ice pick in one of their nostrils) to stop coming around the house. It was attracting too much attention. My wife denies it but I saw the piercing through the GYPSY'S nostril.
Anyway... there is debris coming to our coastal waters from Japan. They said that inside the debris will contain some answers to the new zombies we have here in the states. One week I was kidnapped. In that time the zombies have morphed into black death. So fast some of them have become. I think since the release of Dead Island, who ever is in charge has come up with some new ways to kill off some normal human beings. Toxic zombies are reported to be coming from the bay Cities. Galveston and La Port areas are supposed to have the worst. The radiation from Japan is coming with the debris. Hopefully no zombies. We have enough here. 

I'm tired now. I worked a 10 hour night and I'm beat. Riding my motorcycle home is the best stress reliever. I'm getting pretty good at swinging my bat at the head of zombs at 40 miles per hour. The shock-wave it sends through my hand is the worst though!

Off to bed. My perimeter is secure. My family is safe. Our ZFC's are recovering. Thanks to some diligent zombie fighters, our numbers are up around the world. Keep your bats and bug zappers handy though. The Mods on Dead Island are a reality. Our neighborhood mechanic has created several new weapons the ASMZ would definitely LOVE to get their hands on.

Get your rest and knock your days out. Hard times are coming... like you didn't know.

United States
United Kingdom    
South Korea
Saudi Arabia

Monday, October 24, 2011


As you can probably tell Im super distracted these days. Doctors say that I need to get on A.D.D. meds but I fight them over stuff like that. To wrap up what happened in my last post, The GYPSY GROUP faked a kidnapping to help me escape the clutches of the ASMZ. They were doing fine but we wrecked and I was taken into custody again. Not sure how I passed out, but I remember zombies stepping around me, blood.... lots of blood, and a voice screaming to 'pick his ass up!'

I woke up in a chair. Blue room. Flickering light. Two doors facing oppisite each other. I looked through the one that had a window in it. As soon as I could see my own breath on the glass, a zombie bounced into view. Rotting. His face was half gone. Cheek ripped off. There were more. As I looked past the zombies head I could see at least a dozen or more fumbling around the back of the room. Also blue. There was a single chair, fixed in place that the zombies were falling over. I turned and noticed the eerie similarity of the two rooms.

Just then an ASMZ officer walked in the other door follewed by a man in a suit. "Sit down, now!" I wasnt really in a place to argue. I had been beaten. I noticed the egg on my forehead and my eye was swollen and pulsating. All besides the point when I saw the room (one door away) full of flesh hungry WALKERS.

The ASMZ officer left me and the man in the suit alone. He looked at me for a minute. Just stared silently. A moment went by and the door opened again. A chair was brought in and set just in front of me. The man in the suit sat down.

"Says here that you are in charge of the Houston Chapter of ZOMBIE FIGHTERS, is that true?"

I remarked by asking where the crew was that helped me escape from the grocery store.

"Oh.. them. Well, you've already seen them. We've added a few while you were unconsious. They're in the room next door."

I noticed how serious this guy was. My days of dodging and staying under the radar from the ASMZ and the Government were over.

"I also noticed in your file that you've been privey to intel on the Bilderberg Group and something about Population Control... do you want to expand on that?"

I sat quiet and gave him the evil eye. Well... as evil as I could give. This 'new' operative seemed darker than the skin hungry zombies I kill.

"Have it your way Mr. Rotten." He stood up and pulled out a single razor blade. He held my head in place by grabbing my ear and sliced open the swollen golf ball I had under my eye brow. "Gotta let that drain, no need to wait for the swelling to go down is there?" He said in a calm voice. I wasn't prepared for the brutality in torture. I could see where this was going.

"Im going to ask one more time Mr. Rotten, Tell me what you 'think' you know about Bilderberg and population control."

Just then there was a quiet knock on the door. The man leaned in and told me if I didnt start talking, I'd end up with my friends from the GYPSY GROUP over in the next room. He stood up. Fixed his pressed suit jacket and walked to the door, never taking his eyes off of me. "You know." He said. "Your out numbered here, out witted, out gunned, out everything." He smiled and opened the door.

His head was met with a Desert Eagle. I could only see the chrome tip, but I knew who it was. My son had come for me. And he was pissed. With the barrel jammed on his head, my son pushed him back into the room, forced him to open the door to the room full of zombies, and walk in. In his reluctance, he was grabbed and drug in by the small horde of Maulers.

"Get up, lets go." My son said with strength. As we walked through the corridors of the building, my son shot the small army of 6 or 7 that tried to stop our departure. I started to notice where I was. I had been here before. I was in the basement of NASA. The first place we discovered the makings of zombie farms. The first batch of Puffer Fish. I had been kidnapped by a fake government posing as the good guys.

We ended up exiting out a storm drain my son knew about from doing extensive reconissance. I was proud. Hurt. Hungry. Pissed. He handed me a 9mm. It was another glorious exit. Guns blazing with my son. Doesnt get much better than that. Dead zombies at my feet make me feel good.

When I got home, I realized how bad things had gotten. I was kidnapped and sedated for over a week. My wife said that secret members of the GYPSY GROUP were acting as spy's for the ASMZ and told her that during after hours, some of the workers would go in and sucker punch me while I was out. She wasnt happy about that. We have a new security system set up at home now. The EMP Gun that we stole from NASA was now made into a multi directional assault weapon set up on the outside of our home. Zombies can get as close as they want, but when we blast em' with the EMP frequency, they're hunger for human flesh goes away... "only temporarily though." My youngest adds.

My family filled me in on all the things that have happened while I was out. The world is truley going to hell in a hand basket. The zombies are getting more media coverage now, and thats a good thing. But im working on my vengence now. Halloween is coming, and I plan on making the most of it.

I have new weapons to use. I'll be here more often too. My wounds are healed up and Im 110Percent.



Monday, October 3, 2011


It's good to be home. To tell you the truth I was worried I would never be able to come home again. It seems like forever since the last time I posted on my blog. I think about so many things that have happened since my last entry. I'm not sure where to start but I will give it a shot.

After my last post I was assaulted by a man at the grocery store.  Just getting into the store that day was a problem of its own. As you know zombies have become the most important issue in most of our neighborhoods. Finding new ways to battle them is an ongoing process. I will cover that later, but first, back to the guy at the grocery store.

He had questions for me concerning the whereabouts of the rest of my crew. He wanted to know the specific locations of all the ZFC's around America. I continued shopping but he followed me. I thought if I went to the frozen food section he would surely go away, but I was wrong. He cornered me again. He new basically everything about my operations and who I work with. After dodging him a third time he showed me a badge. He was an official employee of the ASMZ.

I slapped the badge out of his hand and he grabbed my arms. He headbutted me in the face. I felt myself crumbling to the ground but was met with an immediate kick to the chest. I flew back into the glass of the frozen vegetables. He stepped towards me and grabbed my face. With his nose pressed against mine, he started talking to me through his teeth.

"Your blog, your people, your zombie fighters... ends now!"

By this point people started gathering around. He stood back away from me and brushed the glass of his clothes. I was still seeing double from the kick in the chest, but I got up as fast as I could. the ASMZ was obviously tired of my efforts. The man started walking away through the crowd of people, then he stopped and turned around and came back to me. "Watch your back" he said, "Or you might finally get to see what a real zombie farm is".

Since I started fighting zombies at the beginning of the year I have seen just about everything you can think of to see. I have heard screams that will make your skin crawl. I have been cornered by zombies twice as big as I am. I have been chased through town and watched them burn to the ground behind me. All of this fails in comparison to the look in that guys face. He was driven to an anger I had not seen before. His face was trembling and his hands were shaking when they were on me. I remember that anger. It was when my dog turned. It was when ZOMBIES  were fresh and new to my life. That anger was really fear coming out. I'll never forget that.

I decided to leave my cart full of groceries there and make my way to the front door.

I saw my car at the edge of the parking lot. I park there so nobody hits me.. you know how it is. Getting closer I heard the screeching
come around. My stomach sunk to the ground as I saw a white van barrel through cars and speed bumps. It was for me, and I knew it.

The ASMZ markings on the van were an unmistakable sign that I was about to be kidnapped. 

The van pulled up violently. 6 men jumped out dressed in white clothing. ASMZ Badges sparkled in the sunlight.

I tried to get away but they were strong and there were just too many of them. They weren't alone either. At the corner of the store there were another group of ASMZ officer's coming my way. My legs were dangling out of the side of the van when they pulled away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the second group of officers attacked by zombies.

The parking lot of the grocery store turned into a mayhem story out of an apocalypse novel.

A bag was quickly place over my face. I heard the van door slam behind me. I then heard the rpm's of the van race to high levels as we exited the parking lot.

I immediately  started counting seconds to map my time, and try to remember the directions, left or right. A few minutes past and the bag was taken off of my face. I held the bag in my hands and noticed the Smiley face print on it.

Ut was the GYPSY GROUP.

They had kidnapped me posing as ASMZ officers, in order to save my life. They picked up on a tip that I was to be murdered that day. The gypsy group went into detail and explained all of what I didn't know.

For several months the ASMZ and the military had been tracking my every move. They knew about my work on the silver discs. They knew I was willing to go public with my information on the frequency gun that I stole from nasa. They knew I had information that could shut them down, and they weren't about to have it.

As I rode in the van with the Gypsy Group, they informed me of their new information. The ASMZ was working with FEMA and the TSA groups to monitor who has been affected in America. They started setting up outbreak checkpoints where people were scanned over and monitored to see if they showed signs of contagion. The cover up was obviously to see if there were any terror threats for an event. Airports and football stadiums were the first to be installed on the list.

Soon after groups in the thousands started gathering at different government associations. marching and waving banners that Americans rights are being abused.

First it was the new york stock exchange. Then California followed by Arizona and New Mexico. The Gypsy Group told me that Americans didn't know exactly what to ask for when confronted by the government other then they knew they were being scammed by the banks and the federal agencies. But new information came in daily. People  complained about chemtrails and they know that the government is behind modifying our food and water sources.

As the Gypsy Group preached to me in the back of a van, I realize how torn I am about the whole thing. After all, we do need protection from the zombies. The resistance groups around the world can only do so much. We don't have the money or the power the military has.

The Gypsy Group started to go on  about the whole thing being over money and power. Something about drugs and medicine being the dog of the free world.

I was about to respond when our van was slammed from the side. We flew off the road and sideways into a ditch. I was temporarily left unconscious. I heard gunshots and people yelling when I came to. It was the ASMZ . And they had found me.

I was upside down and I started to crawl out the side window. The glass was very sharp and I tried to move over it with my jacket sleeves covering my palms. Half way out of the window I was pulled out by a man. He held me by the throat as he was firing his gun at the scattering Gypsy Group members. Mangled from the wreck, I was hardly able to stay conscious. I remember the man raising the butt end if his pistol to clock me with it, then through the fog of my vision I saw a zombie run and jump on his back and start tearing his neck out.

I passed out.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Ive had a wonderful couple of days. I took my family to the beach for a drum circle. We went to a Greek restaurant. We danced in the rain.... all good stuff. I haven't enjoyed my family in such a long time. Government funded Zombie Farms can put a damper on things. I wont digress.

My sons are leaders in their world. Groups of 'wannabe's' come to them for zombie training. Others flock to my wife for compassion and leadership. Mostly women that have lost their over zealous husbands, brothers, children etc. Stepping back, my family is relentlessly fantastic.

Ive taken the time away from the zombie blog to re-engage myself with them. The people you love the most can become strangers fast in a world of walking dead. And if your reading this wondering what the hell.....well... maybe its time you re-engage yourself with your family too?

Zombies are carrying a sense of brutality these days. I didn't want to mention how hard it was to actually make it to the beach, but it wasn't easy. I'll never forget the good time we had while we were there though. My sons stepped up and saved family after family. Weaponless.

The power just flickered...

Its been happening more lately. The ASMZ has joined up with groups our intel cant track. The biggest bit of news to come in was the threat of the NWO... more commonly known as the New World Order. We all saw it coming.

Look for the AMERO

With all the wars being manufactured around the world it was only a matter of time till they force us to combine resources. The powers that be think it (we) will be easier to manage if were all under the same umbrella. I say screw that. The revolution is coming from more fronts than they know about. Even this blog is being watched, but I don't care. We out number the strongest armies of the planet... or off planet.

The GYPSY GROUP is pulling their forces together to create counter zombie terrorism groups all over the world. These rogue governments are becoming more dangerous because they drop off hordes of zombies in rural areas unannounced. So far, even with trained zombie killers out there, we aren't able to fight them off. The victims become infected and turn too fast these days. These days... ugh. What a dreadful sound.

My posts will be more frequent. My family understands the times we are in. The final times. This Armageddon is not the final Armageddon, don't be confused. But we are in the time of frequency change. We are in the cusp of two historical moments colliding. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears trained. Every piece of information helps. Leave comments or follow @eddierotten on Twitter. I know it seems like a petty beg for attention, but I know how strong our zombie fighting forces are, and so far... here and Twitter seem to be the safest place to communicate. Look for the other zombie fighters on Twitter also. Even non zombie fighters can be a source of intel. Do your homework please.

This year is almost over. I'm typing this and noticing my keys are stained red. Ive tried to clean them with bleach but the red just..... stays. 2012 is coming. And with it, new outbreaks, diseases, manufactured wars and worst of all... ZOMBIES. Faster, Hungrier, Louder, Deadlier.

News just came in over my 'hot board' that the ASMZ is planning an attack on the 31st of October. How ironic. Hello Halloween.

And for the hacker members of the ASMZ or the CANARY GROUP. Or even the traders that are suspected in the GYPSY GROUP, I am here. I'm not running. Our soldiers are ready for you. And not even the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE cant stop our purpose.




remember to use the 'zombie research' bar on the side to answer any questions

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So im watching tv with my wife. Were flipping through the channels trying to keep up with the fires burning through Texas. A commercial comes on advertising a midnight release of the much anticipated game DEAD ISLAND. My wife was falling out and I decided to make a run. I looked online at the closest available gamestop to me that would be selling at midnight, and Galveston was it. There was a gamestop 5 minutes from the house but fate asked me to go out of my way for such a worldly object. So be it.

I decided to take the Subaru. My family was asleep and the rumble of my motorbike would surely wake them all on this, the last night of a 3 day labor day weekend. It wasn't washed. I could tell because there was a distinct imprint of a bloody face and one hand print on the windshield. My wife must of had an exciting drive the day before. Oh well. Must soldier on.

On the freeway I was listening to a radio program (coast to coast) and they were covering demon possession and otherworldly influences that could be a part of our government. And as odd a topic as it was, it was a good break from real life. And just as I traveled onto the Galveston island bridge, I saw the cliche zombie on the side of the road, stuffing it's face with what used to be a dog or armadillo or chupacabra... I don't know what it was. But it was that bloody scene that made me respect the tame conversation that was on the radio.

The bridge to Galveston was dark that night. There were half as many lights on. And most of the light I had was either coming from my Subarus head lamps or from the occasional burning vehicles rolled off to the side lane. That's when my zombie-dar started to go off. 'Somethings definitely not right'.

By the end of the bridge I realized that the gamestop was a mile away, inside the parking lot of what used to be a Wal-Mart super center. Lots of space to challenge my cars racing suspension, or to mow down zombies. Hard choice...

First things first. Get the game, then test my suspension while mowing down zombies in the parking lot. Good plan if I must say so myself.

As soon as I stepped out, a moan came from behind my left shoulder. My reaction was a quick high elbow jab. It dropped the guy to his knees. I say guy, because it was one. He was dressed as a zombie for the release party. His girlfriend was already teary eyed and jerking me down towards the ground with her index finger over her puckered lips.

We rolled under a truck obviously owned by a hillbilly. Ive never hidden behind a truck tire until then. Well...there was that one time.. but I won't get into all that. That truck was jacked up higher than a beach house on stilts. But who am I to judge. Psychologists say erectile dysfunction manifests itself in many different ways.

I should have listened to the rest of the commercial earlier that night. People were asked to dress up as a zombie for the release. My bad. That poor dude was holding his nose from falling off and all the while I should have been in character myself. I was about to apologize when the lady quickly held her hand over my mouth. She pointed off to the right.


Hundreds of zombies coming towards the gamestop. There were protesters outside the store picketing that this was zombie exploitation. 'ITS NOT THEIR FAULT' written on signs. My personal favorite was 'FAT ZOMBIES NEED LOVE TOO'. Anyway, their noise attracted every zombie in the area.

There we were. In the most ironic moment of my life. Hiding from zombies. Under a hillbilly truck ( which I make fun of all the time), on an island full of zombies, while trying to buy DEAD ISLAND. How crazy is that??

The horde shuffled their way right next to us. I remember trying not to breath too loud to a point to where I almost suffocated myself. My new buddy was bleeding through his fingers from his nose giving me the 'I HATE YOU' look. Geez. I already apologized.

The horde was big. Too big for me and my gun. I decided to stay hidden. Good thing too. The zombs made their way to the protesters. And because if their values, most of them died... then came back to kill off the rest. The doors to the gamestop were locked tight and the patrons inside were too busy playing the game on big screens to even notice.

But I noticed. It was a massacre. The zombies didn't leave much left. And I know it shouldn't be funny, but the night's ironies didn't end with my personal situation. The zombies ended up with the picketers 'ZOMBIE RIGHTS' signs. Moaning and stumbling around with those things was hilarious. Eventually the horde moved on. We kept position and waited for the ASMZ convoy to pass by. We didn't want to be seen or questioned so we got better acquainted under the truck. Turns out they were a husband and wife team that had never killed a zombie on their own. I invited them to my wife's weekly get together, teaching our communities how to protect themselves from zombies.

After most of the drama was gone, we all went in together. People are so creative with their zombie costumes. Some looked really life like. Very good!!

In the end, I bought the game, went home and played it until I loved it. Its not an immediate love like RED DEAD REDEMPTION. But it's really good just the same. You can see my other short comments about the game on Twitter @eddierotten.

I'll think twice next time I want to venture out at midnight for a game run. Im still on punishment from the wife....

I love punishment ;)